John Lizarraga and Lynn Lizarraga

John Lizarraga (63) and his wife Lynn Lizarraga (64) discuss their upbringings, how they both became educators and how they met.

Jasmine Valdovinos and her Mother Lorena Valdovinos talks about what it was like to move to the US

In this interview conducted in November 2016, in Oceanside California, Jasmine Valdovinos (15) interviews her mother (49) about her childhood in Mexico and what it was like to move to the US, she also shares stories from her childhood. At...

The Great Thanks Giving Listen- Armida Clarissa Macias

In my interview, I interviewed my grandma in my room on a comfy sofa on Thanksgiving day. In the interview, she mentions how her childhood was like and what her values are and how she really enjoyed going to school...