Karl Boehmke and Jennifer Hudson

Karl Boehmke (73) speaks to his daughter Jennifer Hudson (45) about his experiences growing up and his perspective on the sociopolitical changes he has lived through.

Dale Merkle and Sarah Merkle

Dr. Dale Merkle (84) tells his daughter Sarah Merkle (47) about his childhood, time in the military, and meeting his wife.

Bryan Heidel and Jamie Militello

Bryan (35) talks to his wife Jamie (31) about the brain surgery he had when he was in college. At the time Bryan and his family were extremely worried that he had a brain tumor. His family and friends came...

Peter Wilson, Marcia Wilson, and Stephen Wilson

Superintendent of Lake Geneva Schools Peter Wilson (45) interviews his parents, Stephen Wilson (76) and Marcia Wilson (75), about their childhood experiences and their families. Marcia and Stephen also talk about their role models, family stories, and mutual support in...

Sex Trafficking: The Extremities Close to Home

Zion Thomas and his friends, Anna Wieczorek, Cynai Jones, Christopher Scott, and Jack Gannon discuss the importance of understanding the extremities of general human trafficking and how it could affect college campuses even the campuses we’re on.

Chris Pruett and James Bignall

James Bignall (56) talks with Chris Pruett (61) about Chris's experience being homeless. Christ relates how he navigates being homeless and ideas for how to help the homeless.