Barb interviewed Diane Stoiber about 1960s

Barbara Reinke: 2020-08-25 18:30:49 Barb talks with Diane about memories of growing up in Milwaukee in 1960s in large Catholic family, TV and music and slang, and becoming aware of world events like race issues and Cuban missile crisis.

Covid-19 Kathy Smith Interview

This is a discussion on how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the people of the U.S. and the world.

Interview with my parents

My parents talk about their experience of immigration

Mom and Dad coming to Milwaukee

My parents talked about what they went through the first time they care Milwaukee , and what they had to do to give us their best .

My mom comes from Mexico to Milwaukee

We talked about how my mom experienced a change in her life.

Overview of my Mother’s Career and Life Lessons

Devin Klemstein (17) interviews him mother, Dena Klemstein (49) about her work life, parenting, and life lessons.

Elvia goes to Milwaukee

What we talked about was what obtacles did Elvia have to encounter and why she decided to come tobMilwaukee.

Robert DeGraaff Interview

My grandfather, Robert Degraaff, talked about his upbringing, his school experiences, and his career as an English professor.

grandpa larry

I interviewed my Grandpa Larry about his early years

My moms journey

Basically about what my mom had to go through coming to Milwaukee.

Ramon Huaracha

This is an interview of my father’s journey from California to Wisconsin

Monica Muñoz goes to Milwaukee, WI.

I ask questions to my mom about her journey to Milwaukee from Mexico.

Nathan & Maria (mom)

The interview is an experience on the first day in the U.S. for Maria Andrade, what things were different,culture, tradition, new way of lifestyle. Thoughts on helping undocumented citizens come to the U.S.

interview with grandma

I interviewed my grandma, Alexis Hoelzer, and asked her questions about growing up in the 50’s and about her life.

Interview with my mom

We talked about were my mom came and how she got here .