Tim Wheeler and Joseph Ernst

One Small Step conversation partners Tim Wheeler (68) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) explore common experiences growing up in small Midwestern towns and talk about their differing views on environmentalism and climate change.

Carole Rodemeyer and Sylvia Rodemeyer

Carole Jean Rodemeyer (65) tells daughter, Sylvia Rodemeyer (30), about growing up in Wisconsin, getting in trouble with her siblings, and her ability to use her play. The reflect on how CR's playful side has helped create a strong bond...

Nancy Becoat and Leah Becoat

Nancy Becoat (75) is interviewed by her daughter Leah Becoat (51) about her childhood growing up in Alton, Illinois, her experience as a biracial woman, some of her fond memories of the Mississippi River, her community involvement, and her reflections...

Jeanne Christakos Duffey and Tristen Duffey

Tristen Duffey (20) and his grandmother Jeanne Christakos Duffey (76) share a conversation about their family, Greek culture, and Jeanne's experience growing up on "Greek street" in Cahokia, IL.