Magi Thomley Williams and Kathleen Logan

Magi Thomley Williams [no age given] interviews her friend and colleague, Kathleen Logan (79), about her family, her career, and the lessons that she has learned throughout her life.

Father and daughter

Entrevisté a mi papá, sobre cómo conoció a mi mamá y que piensa de mí.

La vida

Arturo del castillo es un compañero de clase ,a el cual le hago ciertas preguntas sobre su vida en Monterrey y nuestra amistad.

A conversation with a friend

I interview my good friend about his life, we discuss immigration from Monterrey, NL to Laredo,TX and how that impacted his life. Mexican culture regarding family and friendship. Growing up between Mexico and Texas, living on the border.

Charla con mi abuelita

Mi abuelita Tencha, es de verdad muy admirable, que ha pasado por muchos altibajos, cosas que de verdad pesaron y no quiere recordar, y aún así, logró salir adelante. Tiene una gran familia que la ama mucho.

My self and I

I dont hace a People yo intervuew sí o interwieved myself

Life questions

Algunas preguntas filosóficas que de cierta manera nos hicieron pensar

English Communication – interview

I interviewed a dear friend from Austria who is in Monterrey.

Stephanie Sanchez and John Juan Sanchez

John Juan Sanchez (70) speaks with his daughter Stephanie Sanchez (41) about his family history and upbringing in Mexico and the U.S.

Interviewing a student

I am talking with my girlfriend, we talk different questions for the daily normal day and about her life

Miri’s interview

I asked to Miriam a few questions about her life, ame a noticed that her mom in her biggest influence and thats why Miriam is a strong person

Sergio interview

He explained me how was his life in Bolivia. Some other personal issues that defines the person that he is now.