Thanksgiving Listen (Selma Alabama)

Melvin Crum is a well rounded guy from Selma, Alabama. He loves spending time with family and most of all he loved spending time with his grandfather (pops).

Tamir Harper and Horace Ryans

Friends, colleagues, and co-mentors Tamir D. Harper (23) and Horace Ryans III (21) share how they have supported and inspired each other, first as students in high school, and now as people working and studying to better the American education...

James Boykin and Connie Smith-Lindsey

Connie Smith-Lindsey [no age given] and James Boykin (65) are fellow members of Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Atlanta Georgia. They talk about the Boykin family's history with Ebenezer, which stretches back to 1935.

Bennie Cade, Lacrecia Cade, and Bendrick Cade

Bennie Cade (66) tells his children Lacrecia Cade (45) and Bendrick Cade (39) about his childhood in Atlanta and working his way up to owning three full-service car washes.

Allie Saxon and Sheereen Brown

Allie Francis Saxon (90) has a conversation with her great niece Sheereen Brown (30) about being one of the first black students to attend Emory University.