Ann Glass, Odile Boubaker, and Imane Lahrir

Ann Glass [no age given] and her two house guests Odile Boubakeur (33) of France and Imane Lahrir (34) of Morocco to discuss how they all met and what their experience living and traveling together has been like.

My Mom’s Story #MBHSstories

An interview with my mother about her life growing up in Morocco and her life experiences. (Also sorry for the constant buzzing but she didnt want to redo the interview.)

Maria Santiago and Berena Cabarcas

Berena Cabarcas (35) tells her friend Maria Santiago (35) about her son Ahmed's journey to the United States; the unexpected friends he's met in American high school; his new favorite foods; and his post-graduation plans.

Immigration to the United States of America Slatttt++

Hardships and aspirations a Moroccan immigrant faced on his journey to America.

Haley Phillips and Diana Pham

Haley Phillips (30) and her mentee Diana Pham (19) share some of the happiest and scariest moments from their lives. They also talk about the University of Illinois, Haley's alma mater which Diana will be attending this year.

Religion & spirituality

I have interviewed my partner about her religions belief


She is my bff and we BECOME bff i was 9 years old and she was 12 😢 and she die because of this.....

February 3, 2018 App Interview

We were talking about relationship and everything that is related to it

Interview with my sister

We talked about the past and the future and her childhood

Backpacks & Baguettes

A father and son talk about the children’s travel book they wrote together, Backpacks & Baguettes, and the reminder it provided of what it was like to live in the world before the pandemic hit - the sights, the smells...

Rachel benners trip to Europe and Morocco

Ms. Rachel benner went to Europe and Morocco as a trip for school. She really enjoyed the trip except when they looked at all the churches. If she had the chance to visit any place she had visited she said...

Kate Barlow OT interview

Interview with Occupational Therapy Professor and Global Advocate for feeding disorders Dr Kate Barlow