Interview with Jaron Li

An interview with Jaron Li talking about his experiences in life so far. Jaron and I met Freshman year in Cross Country and have been friends ever since. We also do track and field together and he helped me out...

Colton Sweeney and Michael Aanerud

I interviewed Michael about how he coaches wrestling.

The Unasked Story

I (Zeeann McCarty) have interviewed my geometry teacher (Yolanda Ricasata) from Freshman year. I asked her about herself and her experiences. I did this so that others can see what a wonderful person she is outside of just being a...

Year abroad

In this interview I am talking to my friend Leonie from Germany. She is telling me about her experience and thoughts about her year abroad.

Kaylee Garcia

Asking about childhood, positive and negative experiences and future of Kaylee Garcia.

Interview with Malik

This interview is private.

Memory of josh’s 7th grade

Josh was supposed to act in a alice in wonderful play

Blessings in Disguise

I (Zeeann McCarty) have interviewed my mom (Alma McCarty) about her thoughts on the death of my little brother. I decided to do this interview because I wanted to capture the blessings that come from the trials in our life....