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StoryCorps Connect Interview: Dave Ramey and Raeanne Ramey

Dave Ramey (57) talks with his daughter, Rae Ramey (20) about the changes in the methods of communication over time.

Jackson Kurth (son) & Lisa Brakebill (mom)

Jackson Kurth: 2021-10-15 19:55:05 Jackson Kurth (20) interviews Lisa Brakebill (53) on how communication has changed over time. She gives an insightful view of how communication has changed over time. We come to a conclusion at the end of the...

Hannah Adams and Lee Snider on How Interpersonal Communication has Changed

Hannah Adams (19), a freshman at Ball State University, and her grandfather Lee Snider (65) discuss how interpersonal communication has changed over his lifetime. Topics discussed include the evolution from letter writing and landlines to smartphones, as well as the...


Sara Siegel interviewing her father Bruce Siegel on July 4, 2018 in Long Island, New York

Josh and Joseph

Best friends Josh and Joseph discuss the past, possible futures, regrets, and dreams.

Ethics in Political Media

Mathias Miles talks to me about his work in campaigns and the ethics that go into play.

Sila Podcast

In this podcast of Losing Our Sila, Lilly and Layla discuss the concept: What is the importance of World Literature in this age of environment crises.

Emily Hanes and Scott Hanes

Emily Hanes (21) talks with her father (53) about his experience with interpersonal communication throughout his life and the changes he has noticed.

Gina Esposito and Dylan Lewandowski

Gina Esposito: 2021-03-25 22:10:41 Gina Esposito (20) talks with her colleague, Dylan Lewandowski (21) about their political differences.

My Mom and Me

Me and my mom talk about her life including me and without me.

My Roomate with OCD

Asking my roommate about her time with ocd and being roomies with someone who definitely doesn’t have ocd all while she eats pb&j. Also we’re brand new to this app and terrible with technology so...

The Changes of Interpersonal Communication: An interview with my dad, Mark Parkison

Ellie Parkison (21) talks with her dad, Mark Parkison (55) about how interpersonal communication has changed during his lifetime and in various contexts.

Jacob Young – Interview with Trudy Young about Communication throughout her lifetime

In this interview, I (Jacob Young) interviewed my Mom (Trudy Young) about how communication has changed in her lifetime. We discussed, communication within education and communication when she was growing up in regard to her parents and family who are...