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Multi-Cultural Project Interview

This is an interi ew done by the Musamali Family that Martin Musamali is getting interviewed and their person interviewing him is Brian Musamali.

Walter Sangree, Cora Sangree, and Lissa Sangree-Calabrese

Walter Sangree (90) talks with his daughter Cora Sangree (54) and granddaughter Lissa Sangree-Calabrese (16) about his upbringing and unusual family structure, his work as an anthropologist in Africa, and what he has learned in his 90 years of life.

Salome Mwangi and Wayne Dilliard

Friends Wayne Dillard (56) and Salome Mwangi (50) recall how they met, the bonds their families have with one another and how each has learned from the other over time.