A brief and warm review of our upbringing: An interview between Olivia and Leo

Olivia Xu(19)talks with her friend, Leo Xiang(20) about their warm childhood memories and the most impressive lessons learning from their upbringing.

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang conducted an interview. Mr. Yang has an interview with Mr. Wang. The two exchanged views on appearance, social interaction and author.

From Father's Day to Parents Image in Chinese Family

Angie Chan (21) talks with her roommate Ella Sun (21) from the topic of Father's Day to their perceptions of the role of parents in Chinese family.

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang conducted an interview. Mr. Wanghas an interview with Mr. Yang. The two exchanged views on minimalism.

The Unknown Journey

Lucy has an interview with her friend Joanna Jiao about her thoughts of studing abroad for 2 years.

Life and values

Estelle Guo (18) speaks with her foreign teacher Mariah Lin (23) about their life in China and in U.S. and values about immigrants and women’s power.

Ashley Zhong and Austin Huang

Ashley Zhong (20) talks with her boyfriend, Austin Huang (21) about American college life and their future plan.

Olivia Sheng and Ran Zhou

Olivia Sheng(18)talks with her friend, Ran Zhou(20) about opinions and understandings about feminism.

Tiffany and Ray

Tiffany (17) talks with her father Ray (55) about his childhood and journey to America.

Eleanor and Leah

Eleanor (19) talks with her good friend Leah (29)about idol culture.

Life experiences and memories

Selina Liu(19) interviews with her friend Viola Xu(22) about life in Boston University. Viola also talks about some cultural differences she experienced, her thoughts on education and her self-growth to become a powerful woman.

Crystal Wang and Little Chen

My English name is Crystal Wang and my Chinese name is Jingxuan Wang. This is a clip from my interview with my friend Little Chen about her first 18-year life experience and her future plan. You can listen to the...

Alisa Zhang and Nathan Yin

Alisa and Nathan (19) are childhood friends, but they haven't met for a long time. in this interview, they talk about their childhood memories and personal hobbies as well as their thoughts about friendship.