The life of my mother – Story corps interview

I’ve learned a lot of new information from this individual it was a pleasure to sit down and speak with her. She covers a lot about her life ranging from her childhood to her near dearly experience.

Interview with my mom

I am interviewing my mom for a project in Napa CA

Thanksgiving part

This is pretty much Katie Foulton’s life and what she went through and everything she has gone through. It’s a cute conversation about how our lives were because we’ve known each other for most of it!

Interview with my mom

This is an interview that I did with my mom on thanksgiving

A Conversation With Mama

My mom and I talk about her “migration” from Napa, California to Salem, Oregon in 1993

Practice interview

This interview is about Brandon van Dyke and his life.

Final Interview Creative Studies

I interviewed my dad and was curious about his childhood. The questions I ask are related to his life as a child and his time as a teenager.

Interviewing my sister!

I interviewed my sister about what I was like as a child and what she was like and what advice she would give herself.

Interview. Creative studies

This is an interview with my mom where I asked questions about her youth, My youth and elaborating further into those topics.