Suzy Banuelos & Rebecca Webster

Suzy & Rebecca both work for Providence Health in Napa California, but met because of their love of volunteer work they love to do in their community. One of those community outreach programs Providence works with is the Napa Resource...

The life of my mother – Story corps interview

I’ve learned a lot of new information from this individual it was a pleasure to sit down and speak with her. She covers a lot about her life ranging from her childhood to her near dearly experience.

Interview with my mom

I am interviewing my mom for a project in Napa CA

To the Beautiful Land

Yifei Lou traveled to America to study pastry making at the Culinary Institute of America. But then her time here was changed by covid and wild fires and protests, andfor us we were able to see America in these times...

A Conversation With Mama

My mom and I talk about her “migration” from Napa, California to Salem, Oregon in 1993

Practice interview

This interview is about Brandon van Dyke and his life.

Tiffanie Walker & Montserrat Archila

Tiffanie shares with her friend and co-worker, Montserrat, the significance of Juneteenth in her life and historically. How she strives everyday to make sure everyone feels included so future generations will celebrate diversity.

Final Interview Creative Studies

I interviewed my dad and was curious about his childhood. The questions I ask are related to his life as a child and his time as a teenager.

Gwendolyn Patefield and Ian Stanley Posada

Gwendolyn shares her coming out as transgender story with Ian and even though it has costs her jobs, relationships, her home and for a time caused her to live in crisis, but being correctly gendered makes it all worthwhile

Interview with my mom

This is an interview that I did with my mom on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving part

This is pretty much Katie Foulton’s life and what she went through and everything she has gone through. It’s a cute conversation about how our lives were because we’ve known each other for most of it!

Interviewing my sister!

I interviewed my sister about what I was like as a child and what she was like and what advice she would give herself.

Interview. Creative studies

This is an interview with my mom where I asked questions about her youth, My youth and elaborating further into those topics.

Chad Ricks & Montserrat Archila

Chad shares with Montserrat the significance of Juneteenth and what it means to him. The importance knowing your personal and cultural history. Letting his spiritually help guide him when he faces challenges in his life.

Oral History: A conversation about Mental Health with a Young Xicano, Latinx Male

Neri Aguilar (18) talks about understanding how holistic/mental health looks like in a cis, heterosexual, Latinx young man, who is very well known within his peers "popular"and athlete (soccer player). He dives into how mental health has impacted him, he...