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Thomas Lewis and Richard Lewis

Brothers Thomas Lewis (70) and Richard Lewis (67) describe the neighborhood they grew up in, and recall a car accident Richard was in as a child. They also discuss their interest in baseball cards as children, and the value the...

Barbara Fair and Shelton Tucker

Barbara Fair (71) shares stories and memories from her life with her son Shelton Tucker (45). She reflects on her early life, the happiest and saddest moments of her life, being a parent, the love of her life, and her...

Kwadwo Adae and Sarah Fritchey

Sarah Fritchey (37) interviews her friend, colleague, and co-conspirator Kwadwo Adae (43) about his work as a muralist. They discuss his childhood and the inspiration he received from his parents, how he realized the importance of collaboration, and the murals...

Cara McDonough and Amy Vatner

Cara McDonough (42) and her friend Amy Vatner (43) reflect on their experiences in a New Haven community of mothers, called BF Mommies. They remember the beginnings of the group, its evolution over time, including some tensions in it, and...

Martha Lutman Brogan and Margaret Sullivan

Martha Lutman Brogan (69) talks with her colleague Margaret Sullivan (47) with whom she worked on the Ives Squared innovation space at the New Haven Free Public Library. They remember the community stakeholders they collaborated with on the project, as...

Babz Rawls Ivy and Lucy Gellman

Babz Rawls Ivy (56) talks with her friend Lucy Gellman (30) about her life, work and community in New Haven, CT. She remembers her early life in Church Street South and changes in the neighborhood, shares her drive for public...

Sheila Stiles Jewell and Ainissa Ramirez

Sheila Stiles Jewell (77) talks with her friend Ainissa Ramirez (51) about her career as a marine biologist. She describes her early experiences with nature, her journey to marine biology and her work in the field, including her work creating...

Paul Hammer and Randall Beach

Paul Hammer (63) talks with his friend Randall Beach (69) about his experiences with mental illness, including a suicide attempt. He reflects on his journey to improved health, and his work supporting others facing mental health difficulties.

Van Martini and Phi-Hung "Phil" Nguyen

Van Martini (53) talks with her cousin Phil Nguyen (45) about how their family escaped Vietnam, their first experiences in the refugee camp, arriving in Connecticut and later California, and what being Vietnamese and American means to them.

Jocelyn Bessett Gorlin and Liz McDonough

Jocelyn Bessett Gorlin (56) is interviewed by her friend Liz McDonough (64) about her childhood in Connecticut, her relationship with her parents and four siblings and how she decided to become a nurse. She also discusses how she met her...