Quarantine Podcast

Kara and her family tackles tough questions about how COVID-19 has affected their everyday lives and what they hope happens in the future.

John Scrivanich Childhood

John Scrivanich tells people about his childhood and the way he grew up.

The Great Thanksgiving Test Upload 2019.

This is Madison Rodriguez conducting a Test Upload for The Great Thanksgiving 2019 Listen.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Marilena Tolea

During this interview with my mother, Marilena Tolea, we discussed several different topics. First, she described her childhood in Romania, school, and the impacts of communism. Then, she elaborated on her family, particularly the influences her siblings and her mother...

Reina Reisler Interview

Robert Reisler (18) talks with his grandmother Reina Reisler (79) about superstitions, the good old days, Klondike bars for 45 minutes.

Charles Bodine Slack

Charles Bodine Slack's experiences growing up in the United States during World War II. Interview by granddaughter Catherine Morrison-Rodriguez. Recorded on November 06, 2016 for class project at the Calexico Mission School.

Great Uncle Joe, 90 and Full of Life

My Great Uncle Joe: "I've had a gorgeous life." After the interview, he kept going. Looking at a 60" TV, he said the first TV he bought his father-in-law was a console with a 7" screen that received a single...

Heidi Servilla and Dylan Servilla

Dylan Servilla (19) talks with his mother Heidi Servilla (52) about her childhood memories, first job, parenting, and hopes for the future.

Thanksgiving Interview

This interview focused questions about the elders wisdoms, regarding insight of their perspective.

Thanksgiving Interview

We mainly talked about my mom and her memories of life and also about our family, too. She talked about what life was like when she was younger, as well.

Elaine Ochab Interview

My Grandma Elaine was a very hard working mother, who went back to school to get her degree to make sure her family was taken care of.

The Thanksgiving Listen 2018

In summary we talked about her family and the things she misses and what wisdom she wants to tell and how she wants to be remembered.

Raymond DiPietro’s childhood

It was very interesting. We didn’t have enough time to talk about his experience in the navy. It was nice to connect with my grandpa about his childhood and life back then.

Alex Goldberg and his mom Stacy Goldberg talk about the major events putting her life into place.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Marlboro, New Jersey, Alex Goldberg interviews his mother about her experiences putting her life into place. Stacy explains why she decided to be a social worker, talks about the time when her...

Julian Neale

My nephew Julian and I have an impromptu interview about growing up.

“Be true to yourself”

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2019 in Mays Landing, New Jersey, Julia Alberico interveiws her Grandmother Luciana Alberico. She explains the experiences she’s had in life. She talks about how World War II effected her when she was...

Sara Kacprzykowski’s Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019

In this test recording, Sara Kacprzykowski at Egg Harbor Township Highschool in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey records a practice audio file for the 2019 pilot of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Sara Kacprzykowski is in 11th grade and is studying...

Thanksgiving interview with grandma

grandma talks about what inspired her to be a teacher and how my dad was as a kid.