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Margaret and her dad, Spencer talk about Margaret's formative years growing up and substance use and the impact it had on both of them.

Margaret Lancaster is now a Health Program Coordinator-Peer Navigator and community health worker at Ledge Light Health District in Connecticut and her father Spencer Lancaster is now retired. They talk about their relationship through Margaret's years of substance use and...

Carol Jones and Leaf Seligman, lifelong friends, talk about how it all started when Leaf met Carol, who was in prison

Carol Jones is a Harm Reduction Champion and woman with lived experience with substance use disorder and now works for the Alliance For Living in Connecticut. Leaf Seligman is a restorative practitioner, educator and writer and the two of them...

Trish Rios and Cathy Ferguson talked candidly about their friendship brought about through ‘Harm Reduction’

Trish Rios is now a Cares Navigator for the Alliance For Living in Connecticut and Cathy Ferguson is Social Worker and the two of them are fast friends, brought about through Trish's lived experience with substance use and Cathy's interactions...