Interview with Max

Interview with my pal, Max, about various topics including our friendship, religion, and life.

Dad interview

We talked about his life and got some good things that I’ve never heard before.

Interview to my friend

I am interviewing my friend Victoria. I asked her about her childhood and her family; also I asked her about her future plans.

Noah’s interview with Joan

This is a interview about a 12 year old boy interviewing his grandma.

Interviewing My Sister Stacy

What was mostly talked about was her childhood. Also we talked about how her life has evolved since she was young and how her life has changed over time.

#TIMESUPxstorycorps #times up

What was talk here was about how women even if they speak up they are still not believe and I went through that’ I was being doubt .

Childhood influences

Brooke has wanted to be a positive influence and thinks that her family has guided her to do so.