Interview With My Dad

We talked about my dad’s childhood and about me.

Interview With My Grandma

Today I talked with my grandma about her life experiences and how it has impacted her then and now. She shared her highs and her lows she experienced as she moved to a new country and had to make a...


In this interview michelle Zometa and Eva Zapata talked about what’s important in her life which is family . Also we talked about how she grew up and how she was a hard worker.

Interview with Mima

We spoke about her life in Nicaragua and lessons learned

Ceding the prison phone to Dick Gregory

John Friedrich (55) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) about being arrested at the White House with Dick Gregory and more than 100 others to protest the Reagan Administration's Contra War in Nicaragua. At the DC jail later that...

Belinda Miranda and Walter Miranda

Belinda Miranda (49) habla con su hijo Walter Miranda (31) sobre su vida, el sufrimiento de cruzar dos fronteras, y los momentos felízes y dificultados de la familia. Walter dar un regalo y una sopresa a su mama en dar...

Maria Oyanguren and Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez

Colleagues Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez (23) and Maria "Tina" Oyanguren (21) share some of their family history and culture, as well as, how they came to Artspace New Haven.

Alexa Garcia APB Childhood Life Interview

A ten minute interview in which the person talks about his life as a child in his hometown.

Oral History Project

My mom explained how difficult it was for her and her family to leave their country all of a sudden

Mary Zaborski and Agnes Fischer

Friends Mary Zaborski (no age given) and Agnes Fischer (86) discuss Agnes’ seventy-year tenure in the convent as a part of a religious order and her work in Nicaragua.

Talking About The Interesting Life My Mother Has Experienced.

She shared some memories about her sisters and brothers and growing up in Honduras. We talked about our ancestors and her parents and grandparents. She described the overjoyed feeling of her finding out about her pregnancy.She shared a beautiful saying...

Ernesto Osorio

A man retells his life from start to present. From life in Nicaragua to moving to the United States.

the great thanksgiving listen

This is an interview with my mom Martha. We discuss her childhood and memorable times in her life.

Maria 2019

Maria is a coworker and friend from Nicaragua. We talked about her moving to USA and her career and personal life.

Becki Cohn-Vargas and Randi Thomson-Story

Becki Cohn-Vargas (63) and Randi Thomson-Story (64) talk about their friendship. They talk about memories from when they were in high school together, their experiences in college and as young adults, and their lives today.

The life of my grandma

This spanish interview is about how my grandmother lived her life when she was younger. The difficulties she faced was money wise. In order to have money she started working at a young age.

José Rangel, Angel Martínez, and Roberto Narvaez

José Manuel Rangel (65) y sus amigos, Angel Martínez (48) y Roberto Narváez (58), discuten las dificultades que han enfrentado al emigrar a los Estados Unidos y cómo la religión católica y Dios los han ayudado y continuarán ayudándolos con...

John Friedrich interviews Bob Alpern, Part 4

John Friedrich (55) interviews his friend Bob Alpern (92) about his work with the Unitarian Universalist Association in Washington, DC. He discusses meeting with President Jimmy Carter's administration, travels to Nicaragua to witness Contra war violence, meeting with Oliver North,...

Andrea Cuadra and Pablo Cuadra

In this interview I ask my dad, a seeker of adventures, to reflect on his life. He shares stories from growing up in Nicaragua in the 60s, working for the government in the 80s, and starting a business from scratch....