Samuel and Michael talk about the USS Pueblo incident

Michael Buchieri was apart of the US Air Force and was stationed out in South Korea after the USS Pueblo incident. He talks about his experiences in South Korea and how it formed his family.

The Korean War Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Formal First class Sergeant of the 5th Regimental Combat Team of the U.S Infantry Bill Parker (85) describes his 13 month deployment in Korea during the Korean War (1950- 1953). When Sergeant Parker was interview by his grandson, Andrew Goetz...

‘Til We Could No Longer Stand the Tear Gas

Mrs. Taylor talks about the how the North Koreans assasinated the First Lady of South Korea in 1974. She lived in South Korea in the early 70s.

My Grandfather’s Journey

This is the story of my grandfather’s journey from North Korea to South Korea to the United States.

George Beatty and Charis Hooper

Charis Hooper (44) shares a conversation with her friend, and her grandfather’s friend, George Beatty (82). George talks about Charis’s grandfather’s early life, his importance to the community, and his time in the Korean War.

Interview with 할아버지

An interview with my grandfather who escaped North Korea right before the Korean War

Korean War and Potatoes

How my mom left North Korea and survived by scavenging for food.

Marjorie Works and Hazel Diaz

Majorie Works (65) shares with her conversation partner Hazel Diaz (36) stories from her over 20 years of experience in the U.S Air Force.

Korean Immigration in the Early 21st Century

My name is Sunjae Lee, and I am a 17 year old junior attending Glenbrook South High school. For my Living History Project, I interviewed my mother based on events that I researched throughout her life.

Alfred Groos and Laura Kirby

Alfred Groos (88) recounts military service with daughter, Laura King (56). He shares about his roles in China and North Korea, his overall feeling towards basic training, conflict, and how his path has been an influence to his approach to...

A Child’s View of the Most Pointless War

Chong Sun Kim was 13-years old when she had to leave her home with only a bag full of belongings, in the wake of the battle that would tear apart the Korean Peninsula. In November of 2017, 14-year old Nathan...

Arrogance and Vietnam

David Sylvester (my grandpa is in his seventies and reflects on his formative high school and college years. He discusses when he marries his wife (my grandma), and his experiences throughout high school and college. The Vietnam War and the...