To the Beautiful Land

Yifei Lou traveled to America to study pastry making at the Culinary Institute of America. But then her time here was changed by covid and wild fires and protests, andfor us we were able to see America in these times...

Humanities Interview

This interview between Logan Szott and his mother Heather Szott covers Heather's personal history growing up in L.A. and beyond, connecting to multiple historical events, cultural trends, and personal experiences. The interview contains segments of Heather's early life with her...


We talked about her work challenges and important influences in life that helped her overcome these obstacles.

Edith Reed

Edith discusses her 101 year life, highlighting music, including her time spent at Juilliard School and Columbia University. She also discusses her family; both while growing up and the family she started with her husband John. She also mentions how...

Roland Morales and Dennie Morales with Brooke Morales

Roland Morales (80) and Dennie Morales (74), parents to Jason Rolando Morales, talk about their experiences being parents and their hopes for his future.

My wonderful mother

In this interview I talked with my mom mostly about her childhood and what it was like. I then talked with her about my childhood and raising me and what parrells there were between the two of us.

Stop Iran

“I would see stop signs and below the word stop it would say Iran”. On 1/6/19, in Los Angeles, Ani Adell interviewed her mom, Megan Adell, about her leaving her home in Iran and coming to America, and how being...

Living in Paradise. . . California

Living in Paradise is usually thought of as a tropical place, sitting by the beach, and relaxing. For Bryan Hawkins, it is a small mining town in Northern California. In November of 2018, 17 year-old Johnny Hawkins interviews his father,...

Matt Carr and Austin Morgan

One Small Step partners Matt Carr (47) and Austin Morgan (44) take time to discuss fatherhood, the complexity of supporting Donald Trump, and their individual religious evolutions.

Jody Palmer and Thomas Gabriele

One Small Step conversation partners Jody Palmer (82) and Thomas Gabriele (49) spend an hour discussing their perspectives on California, changes in the modern American family, and their relationship to Catholicism.

The Next Generation of Dancers, VMO, and History Behind the Movement: A Discussion with Danyel Moulton

Dancer. Director. Educator. Danyel Moulton is a staple in the dance community as her wisdom and her power is second to none. Danyel is the founder of LFG, an All Female collective that is most notable for representing Team USA...

Not My Mother’s First Quarantine: Stories from the 1940s TB Pandemic

Lois was nine when her mother was first quarantined in a sanitorium for tuberculosis, a highly contageous and deadly respiratory disease worldwide. She and her three siblings could only visit standing on the lawn, gazing at their mother for as...

Melissa Salgado and Eva Heredia

Amigas Eva Heredia [no edad dado] y Melissa Salgado (31) hablan sobre una escuela KIPP en en norte de California donde Eva es la madre de uno de los estudiantes y Melissa es la directora de participación comunitaria. [Friends Eva...

Jenny Tan and Cherese Brauer

KIPP educators and colleagues Jenny Tan (43) and Cherese Brauer (42) discuss equitability in their model of education, share personal stories from when they were students, and aspirations for the organization.