Ryan’s Interview With Aunt Stephanie
November 24, 2017 App Interview

Ryan interviewed his aunt, Aunt Stephanie. They talked about her life growing up, and what she learned from it.

The 2008 Financial Recession

Errol George worked as an engineer during the 2008 Financial Recession, and his company was heavily impacted, affecting a lot of the employees. We discussed about how it impacted people in the United States during that time, and how it...

Jeffrey Tlumak and Jennifer Westerholm

Jeffrey Tlumak (67) reflects on his childhood, his role as a father, and his relationship to his children with his daughter, Jennifer Westerholm (36).

Maria’s Life Story

Maria has encountered hardships but is a persistent person who was able to achieve her goals.

The Man, the Myth. Louis Magnanti (interviewed by Molly Cronin)

On his 85th birthday, I interviewed my grandfather about growing up and the people in his life. He’s not ever one to hold his tongue (haha) but I wanted to capture his memories for StoryCorps, since we’re usually cracking jokes...

Jeffery’s Life Story: Childhood to Now

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Queens, New York, I did an interview with Jeffrey Wu (aka Jeff) about his life story from his childhood to now. He shares one of his cherished memories that is his father's...

Interviewing My Dad Rhadames

What was mostly talked about was what his life was like when he was growing up. Also how people had an influence on his life when he was growing up.

Lauren frederick and justa ordoñez talk about the journey to the u.s

In this interview conducted of September 2018 in Bronx Ny Lauren Frederick interviewed her mother justa ordoñez about her experiences growing up and coming to this country. She shares stories about school, dreams, expectations and how it was raising children....

Hollis Hosear and Justin Butler

Hollis Hosear talks about the challenges he faced growing up in the South Bronx and getting into drugs as a teenager, his relationship with his younger sister, getting sober and his advice for navigating life.

Kieth Parisette interviewing grandma Eileen McCallion

This is a interview about my grandma Eileen McCallion , and all about her life from kid until now. She is 53 of now.

An interview with my mom about her life in Bosnia and experiencing life in America

I interview my mother on her childhood and life in Bosnia and how and why she came to the U.S. to start her new life

Thanksgiving Listen

I talked to my mom about her childhood and what it was like.

Harry Lockwood – starter interview

Interview with Harry Lockwood about how the business has changed over the years, and how he managed the transitions with his father’s passing and son Steve’s joing the business.

Gery Sperling, interview

Gery was born in 1933 and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He describes getting hit with a brick and the freedom gained when the family bought the family’s first car in 1946.