This is my grandpa who will be talking about his childhood.

My grandpa was a somewhat good kid, who didn’t enjoy school and he didn’t get very good grades either. He had a very good father and mother who taught him well, they also made sure he got his homework done...

Giving Back

A quick interview with my mom on what she does to give back to our community and why she believes it’s important.

From Living Beachside in Australia to Quarantined in NY: Grappling with Change

A brief question and response interview with my sister on how quickly the Covid-19 pandemic brought about radical change in her life.

Paige and Nonni Greenville, NY Iceland vs. U.S./Life Interview

In this interview, I talked to my step grandfather, Jon Jonsson aka Nonni. He’s one of the craziest and best people I’ve ever known and I’m so lucky he’s in my life.

An interview with Arthur Calick and Gloria Redlener

Arthur and Gloria recount growing up in Brooklyn as first generation children.

Struggles with American Cultures

It is November 27th and this interview is taking place in Queens, New York. Lusine Galstian and her mother, Tatevik Galstian, talk about how it was like for her coming to America and not knowing any English. They also talk...

Dad’s interview

How he managed to do things in life

me and my dad

we talked about his proudest moments and accomplishments. we also talked about how he wants to be remembered and the legacy he wants to set for his family to come.

Full Sail Interview 4

Interview between my Son and I. Talked about his future

Lockwood Farms – Lackawanna to South Buffalo

Ebeneezer Lockwood(born 7/4/1775) to Steve Lockwood(Judge) to Harry Lockwood to Clarence Lockwood to Harry Lockwood(interviewee) to Stephen Brodie Lockwood

Interview about my Fiancé and what she does for a living.

My fiancé Emily has a very interested job and I am sharing with everyone what she does.

Story Interview

My dad and I talked about his childhood, how his childhood was, and who he misses. I learned some new things about him that I didn’t know before.

9/11 Through My Father’s Eyes

The experience of 9/11 through a non-native born man who used to live in New York.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Throughout this interview we talked about family, how life was back then, and memories.

Gramma Rocque

A wonderful conversation with my mom about her life and raising 8 kids.

Papa Lupis’ Stories, Part 1

I interviewed my father, Steve Lupis, who told me the story of how our family came to America, how my grandparents met, a bit about his childhood, and the stories of my and my sister’s births.

Test upload

This is an initial post to see what it's like to archive via the app and what functions id loke to use to make out content searchable.

Tomazia Interview

Tomazia and I talked more about her life and I got to know her better through this interview

Kevin Covert interviews Teresa Covert about her life experiences

Kevin Covert talks with his mother Teresa Covert about her childhood. They also discuss her personal relationships and family, as well as her career. Finally, Teresa shares lessons she has learned from all of these and advice for future generations.