the story of my brother life

he seemed to enjoy school and was influenced by his teachers. he enjoyed his childhood and learned very good lessons.

Alicia Tafolla speaks with her granddaughter, Daphne Arellano, about living in Chicago and moving to Illinois.

Throughout this interview, held on November 27, 2017 in Oceanside, California, Daphne Arellano interviews her grandmother about her life beginning in Chicago and later moving to San Jose, California. She speaks about how the two states contrast. Additionally, Alicia Tafolla...

Thanksgiving Interview

What it was like for me growing up at school and at home.

Thanksgiving & more

In this interview, I and my friend talk about Thanksgiving, video games, and what our life was like before we started going to college.

Me and my Mom

My mom has been taught and teached me many lessons when something has happened

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Kaylee Simpkins

My father talks about his experience as a child, and how he has grown to who he is today.

The Rose sisters

I interviewed my sister today and we talked about today’s holiday and life.

My Shanie’s life

I ask about my Shanie’s life in County Claire Ireland and When she lived in the Bronx and how her life moved on

Interview With My Mom

This interview between my mom and I states what her life was like during her childhood, why she chose her present day job, and how she found her husband today.

The great Thanksgiving listen 2019

We talked about my mothers life groeing up.Also about what she did as a kid.