Getting to know Nonna!

We discussed my Nonnas childhood and her College experiences. We discussed how she decided to be a nurse and why. Also about my Pappy and his jobs. I learned a lot about my nonna that I didn’t know.

Me and my grandpa!
November 29, 2019 App Interview

I loved doing this interview with my grandpa and getting to know him and his past better then I already did!

Ryan Keenan Shares Stories About Her Childhood and Life Right Now

Today I am interviewing my brother’s girlfriend, Ryan Keenan. She shares some stories about her and my brother, childhood memories, and some traditions with her family. She also talks about one of her greatest influences and some advice she has...

Getting to know my Gramie better

I was happy to ask my grandmother these questions because I got to know her better and understand our culture.

My Grandma’s Life Story

In this interview, my grandma talks about her young life in Ecuador and when she marries at the age of 18. She then starts her new life in the United States and begins her journey becoming a wife and a...