Jesse Kadekawa Miguel and Cynthia Miguel Saito

Siblings, Jesse Kadekawa Miguel (58) and Cynthia Miguel Saito (61), talk about being born in Okinawa, Japan to a Philippino father & Okinawan mother, their childhood in Okinawa, and their family emigrating to the Unites States in 1971.

Donna Pate and Brent Ottaway

One Small Step participants Donna Pate [no age given] and Brent Ottaway [no age given] discuss their travels, how their politics have changed over time, and how illness has affected them, their families, and their political views.

Service Learning Project

Staff Sergeant Yang 26 Recruiter, Melanie Escobar 17. Marines, Japan, Traveling, Child

Brenton Sloper and Annie Gannon

Brenton P. Sloper (45) tells sister Annie Gannon (33) about his reasons for joining the military, what it was like to be deployed to the Middle East, and some of his stories from overseas.

Bruce Moore and Janice Chapman

Bruce Moore (73) tells his wife Janice Chapman (74) about his upbringing as well as his experience being drafted and serving in the War in Vietnam; a war that he felt was unjust.