The Life of Grandpa Danny

We talked about family and the importance of it. We talked about his job when my parents were growing up. And finally we talked about how religion and spiritualtiy and what that means to him.

Glennette Rozelle & Jennifer Mack

This is a conversation about witnessing something as a child, and not truly understanding what was seen until decades later. Glennette Rozelle and her half-sister Jennifer Mack grew up in Del City, Oklahoma during the 1970s. They were used to...

Interview with Jeannee' Adams of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This interview is part was done by Boy Scouts from Troop 386, Edmond as part of the Eagle Scout Project of Alexander Fryer. The purpose of this project was to help seniors record stories of their life. One goal of...

Interview with Gage Fogt

Interview talking about the impact of social media in school, and the differences between Oklahoma City and Edmond schools.

Reflections on Life

He talks about his family, childhood, and values. He also mentions how his life has been and how he hopes the future will be better.

Oklahoma City Bombings

This is an interview about my Dad’s perspective on the Oklahoma City Bombings. How it effected him and the world around him. We also talked about terrorism in general.

Interview with pastor Jerry

In this interview I got to learn about my pastor whom I haven’t fully gotten to know yet. I got to ask quesiton about his life and how God has impacted it!

Troy Anthony Small- Getting Your Feet Wet

Curtis Diaz speaks with his friend and colleague Troy Small on his life, how his career in music has inspired him, and his experience growing up as a Black first generation American.

Jennifer Ferro and Kathryn Jeffery, Ph.D.

Jennifer Ferro (51) has the opportunity to ask her friend, colleague, and supervisor Dr. Kathyrn Jeffery [no age given] about her life growing up in Oklahoma as a Black woman in times of segregation. They talk about how life has...


This is me interviewing my papa about his life.