Interview With James

A couple questions to get more familiar with James my classmate in research in media communications

Interview with a fri3nd

A conversation about success, failures and future goals between two college students.

2020 with friends

My friends and I made 2020 predictions (including the election). We also talked about our New Years resolutions to see if we stick to them!

Interviewing Jenna Seigal About Her Past to Future

I interviewed my friend who is an Early Childhood Education Major about her past and what influenced her and what she would do in certain circumstances as an educator that she lived through already.

Thoughts regarding Covid-19

A simple, yet personal account of Covid-19 by Marcello Aedo a UCF student from Miami, FL.

Robert High and the Great Turkey Talk

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th 2019 - Robert High talks about some of the major themes in his life and how Orlando Florida has helped shape him and his family. Giving candid answers and great advice,...

English Project

I got to know my mom a little better, by asking her questions of her childhood and what it was like.


I asked my grandma about her childhood and she told me about her life as a military brat. She added many colorful and cute stories.

Justin Kennedy and the bill mafia

I wanted to understand how a guy I met from Georgia became a Buffalo bills fan.

Learning about Natasha

As a class project I had the pleasure of interviewing Natasha and I learned about her and her life that I would have never know unless I was close with Natasha which I wasn’t but I know much more now.

Preserving the History of Pulse

Discussion of the development of the Pride, Prejudice, and Protest exhibition at the Orange County Regional History Center in collaboration with the GLBT History Museum of Central Florida and how it was both affected by and inclusive of the Pulse...

Becoming a Military Parent.

Parents always want their children to be successful in life. We are never prepared to have our children leave home. How are you supposed to feel when you child tells you they want to serve their country?

About Life

It's about an American girl's life experience from childhood to a member in the society.

StoryCrops Project (1) by: Ghalib Ashai

My mother and I, discuss her childhood and journey throughout life. Her experiences as an immigrant, and how she found her proffession today

An interview of a designer.

An interview with a twist. The interviewer is using the questions that the interviewee came up with about his time as a designer that were supposed to be about about her and her field.

Your job

We talked about my stepdads favorite parts, and how he got to his job.