Sergio’s story

In this interview Sergio Flores speaks about his feelings and journey throughout life.Sergio had to overcome many obstacles in life and he explains how he moved past them.


Discussion of the challenges my dad faced in growing up as well as talking about important experiences in his life.

A Snap of Louise Griffin’s Life

Louise Griffin talks about the ups and downs of her life, and how she overcame obstacles throughout childhood and adult life.

The great thanksgiving listen

We talked about my mom's track career and choices she made.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her life and when she was younger. She also talked about some of our family members, my mom when she was younger

Un pedazo de mi papá Parte 2

" Con las revistas de deporte inferí lo que decían y así empeze a captar inglés." Andrea Roji entrevista su papá el 9 de Diciembre de 2017 en Chula Vista, California. Su papá, Jorge Roji describe su vida en México...

Alma’s life

How life was like for mother of 4, Alma Tapia and reminiscing on the experiences that shaped her life into the 57 year old woman she is now.

Interview with Mom

We discussed her life growing up in L.A. and her family, as well as political views and protesting. She talked about her wishes for future generations of our family and I, and how she wants to be remembered.

Grandpa Interview

In this interview, conducted in Andover, MN, Trea Houska (14) interviews her grandpa, Bob Houska (84) about his life growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota. Bob talks about his favorite hobbies as a child during the Great...

Dad and me

My dads life and how it has cahnged throughout the years. Also how being in diffrent stages in life has taught him lessons.

Uncle Dr. Seuss

My father Kirk Stephens and his brother Doug Stephens spoke about their uncle Dr. Seuss and shared childhood memories about him.

A+ Story

Interview for human connections. And the power of vulnerability.

Interview discussing childhood with basic questions

In this interview, I interviewed my boyfriend Austin Cunningham. I asked basic questions to which many reflected on our childhood and difficulties we faced as well as good times. We stray away from difficult topics since we felt that we...

My grandma debra

How much my grandma loved me and how much she loved her child hood

The Life of Penny Martin

On November 25th, 2018 Madison Hall (16) interviewed her Nana Penny Martin (59) in Lincoln County, Oregon. They spoke on her youth and family. This leads to Penny recounting past regrets resurface from a young age, discussing education and children....

The Life of Baltazar Rayo

Here are a few questions about my father, Baltazar Rayo who came from Mexico at 14 years old. I’m very proud of everything this man has done for me, and he is truly an inspiration to me and my brothers.

Life From Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California

In this interview, conducted on April 20, 2019 in Orange, California, Mya Naguit (19) interviews her father, Manny Naguit (59) about the duration of his life from Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California. Mr. Naguit shares insights into his memories as...

Interview with Mamaw

A touching conversation helped me learn a lot of things about my Grandma I wasn’t aware of.

A Child’s View of the Most Pointless War

Chong Sun Kim was 13-years old when she had to leave her home with only a bag full of belongings, in the wake of the battle that would tear apart the Korean Peninsula. In November of 2017, 14-year old Nathan...

Interviewing my grandma- Maria Villagomez (In Spanish)

This interview was conducted in spanish with my Mexican grandmother. She talks over her childhood days (while living in both Mexico and California) and the most impactful days of her life. She recalls when she found out she was pregnant...