Susan Mayclin Stephenson, "I learned so much about Montessori from answering questions!" September 2021

World traveling Montessori mother, grandmother, teacher, consultant, and book author, shares memories of Montessori experiences in the United States.

Mark and Tiernan Mackela discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Mark shares his perspective on collective neighborhood behaviors that have led to more environmentally friendly land use in Ann Arbor as of 2030. In 2024, neighbors started with designating a community lawn mower; this then inspired blocks to begin sharing...

Growing Up Asian American

Jade is interviewing her 14 year old brother, Pau Khual, about his experience growing up as an Asian American.

The Life of Omi

Omi talks about her life growing up in Germany during WW2 and then moving to the United States.

Hawaii Inside Out

A conversation about Hawaii between a tourist and new resident during the 2022 holiday season

Jaime Gamboa growing up as a Mexican in the U.S.A

in this interview conducted in November 2018 in Nevada Las Vegas Angel Gamboa interviews his dad Jaime Gamboa in about their childhood and adulthood and the city they he calls homehe talks about interesting stuff and multiple stuff like is...

Entrevista con Tita

Tita y yo pudimos hablar y compartir unos momentos.

Finding My Purpose

My mother, Josephine Castelli, who was born in Italy speaks about her journey to the United States. She tells her story about learning English while going to school. She tells about her job as a makeup artist and hairdresser, and...

The childhood of my father

My step dad’s life was very poor but the effort he put and all the dedication he successfully has a great life.

Carol's first (and only!) attempt.

Caryn Watson interviewing her mother, Carol Sirokman. Talked mostly about her family (the Farrows) and a memory or two of her children and her husband Charles.

Dad V.2
February 26, 2019 App Interview

Spoke with my father about his life.