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St. Peter’s by the Sea Presbyterian Church, Jean Shriver

Jean Shriver is a church member who is a writer, mother, and active member of her church community. She shares about her experiences and life during World War Two.

St. Peter’s By The Sea Presbyterian Church, Mona Gifford

Mona Gifford is an active church member who shares about her childhood and St. Peter’s by the Sea Presbyterian Church.

Ken Dyda, Councilman of City of Rancho Palos Verdes

Ken Dyda, a city councilman talk about the founding of our city, the challenges he has faced and the effects of the environment.

Me and My Dad

Me and my Dad talk about how he met my mom and about high school today compared to when he was in it.

A Mother and Her Son

In this interview you can hear a son interview his mother about her childhood and teenage years! Is your teenage life similar to someone who was born in the 50s? Watch this interview to find out what friends were like...

St. Peter’s by the Sea Presbyterian Church, Carolyn Crowder

Carolyn shares about her childhood, life lessons, positively impacting her church community and being a cancer survivor.

St. Peter’s by the Sea Presbyterian Church, Nancy Grant

Nancy Grant talks about her childhood, faith and how St. Peter’s has been a meaningful place for her.


Me and my mom talked about my grandpa