John Hedeman and Anne Hedeman

Spouses, John Hedeman (68) and Anne D. Hedeman (66), remember meeting in Princeton University the year the school went co-ed, how they decided to get married, and their mutual support of one another throughout the years.

Odette Cook and Daniel Moore

The story of Odette's childhood and family history, beginning with her family's emigration from Hungary to France, her move to London, and then the United States.

Suzanne Dinur and Joanna Kobylivker

Joanna Kobylivker (42) interviews her mother Suzanne Dinur (72) about Suzanne's Jewish family being expelled from Egypt in 1958 when Suzanne was 10 years old, their time as refugees in Paris, and their eventual arrival in Atlanta in 1961 and...

Nicholas Sweeney and Katie Sweeney

Katie Sweeney (29) interviews Nicholas Sweeney (34) about his favorite experiences, memories, and lessons he learned from their first two years of marriage.

Barry Livingston, Shayla Livingston, and Michael Livingston

Barry Livingston (85) interviewed by his son Michael Livingston (58) and his granddaughter Shayla Livingston (25) about growing up in San Francisco, California, working for as fashion store called Livingston Brothers, his time in the Navy, and his love of...

Saïda Kechacha Partie une

L’enfance et la jeunesse de Saïda Kechacha à Jijel. La guerre d’indépendance Algérienne et la condition de la femme Algérienne.

College in Paris

In this conversation I am talking to my neighbor about her time in Paris. She spent all of her college years in France. In the recording we talk about what it was like to study abroad.

Sarah Clark and Conor McGlade

Conor McGlade (27) speaks with his fiance Sarah Clark (28) about how they met during a study abroad program in New Zealand, started dating and eventually became engaged in Ireland.

my french friend

This is an interview with my friend Martin about his diverse cultural background and goe he forme his Identity around it

Peter Larson and Jane Larson

Peter John Larson (62) and his wife, Jane Sarles Larson (65), tell their love story: the first time the met, their first date, their elopement & honeymoon, and their hopes for the future.