High school and childhood

Andrew spoke about his early childhood and his experience so far in high school.

Takako to May Wong

May/Takako Wong, age 80, talks with granddaughter Lucy Wong, age 15, about her family's experience immigrating to America from Japan and her experiences in America thereafter with internment camp, kids, work, and family.

"I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up": Allison Dietrick

Reed Dietrick (16) talks to her mother, Allison Dietrick (48), who shares a story of reclaiming her identity and finding happiness after a lifetime of chasing external validation.

History Final

We talked about experiences during corona virus.

Interview With My Father

My father talks about the differences between China and America. He also talks about his experience as a first-generation immigrant.

English interview project

In this interview, I interviewed my mom about what it is like to be a parent. This interview goes over experiences, stories, and lessons for being a parent.

Quitting as a Victory

In this interview, we talk about how the pressures of sports and social lives can contradict each other and how sometimes, quitting your passion can actually be a victory.

Paula’s life

She was born and raised in Texas, and is very close to her family, she is great full for what god has given her.

Mom interview

What quarantine is like and how you can find positivity out of it

Jorge Ortiz

My father gives us some information about twenty questions I ask him.

Interviewing My Dad About COVID-19 Quarentine

A dad and his son talking about the Covid-19 quarantine. Intended for a school finals project.

Interview with my cousin.

This was my, Arvinder Singh, 18,interview of my cousin, Amrit Singh, 19, who goes to UMBC. This interview dives into the personal life and experiences of my cousin.

My Interview

We talked about how people growing up influence her to help others. We talked about how never losing your humanity is important.

James McNair and Stephanie Louie

James (24) and his sister, Stephanie (32), talk about their shared experience of Type 1 Diabetes. They talk about day to day life, summer camp (Camp EDI), and the future of the disease.

Who is Jeovanna?

Jeovanna is a student at Pasadena Memorial High School and she is in the HOSA program. She is a very adventurous and intelligent person filled with wisdom.

Bob Conover talks about building Ranger, a JPL spacecraft that went to the Moon in the 1960s, then restoring it again 50 years later

In the summer of 2015, Bob Conover led a team of 12 volunteers to restore a 50-year-old Ranger spacecraft at the California Science Center. Bob is a retired JPL engineer who originally worked on the Ranger at JPL in its...

Paula’s life

She was born and raised in Texas, and is very close to her family, she is great full for what god has given her.

Interview w Mrs Wright

I interviews my old teacher from elementary school and middle school. She has known me since I was very little and has name a huge impact on my life.