Interviewing Marina Newton

I sat down with my mom and she talked about her childhood in Peru and stories and experiences being in a poor family, immigrating to the United States and the struggles of the time being so close to 9/11, and...

Interview with Ingrid Thys

I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with a loved family member. Her name is Ingrid Thys and she is my aunt and God Mother.

Story of Coming to America

We talked about how my mother’s experience was when she moved from Peru to Florida.

An Interview With My Argentine Grandmother

Estela Fernandez, born on December 6th of 1940, is the daughter of European refugees who came to Buenos Aires, Argentina during World War 1. She talks about her fondest memories, such as hanging out with her families on the weekends,...

Tyler Walker and Katie McCarthy

Katie McCarthy (27) speaks to her brother-in-law, Tyler Walker (24), about how they came to be apart of each other's lives. After Katie's father passed away in high school she began living with Tyler's family. Tyler also reflects on his...

The Meaning of Life?

I interview my dad about his early life living in a small town in Peru, and his journey moving to the United States. He also talks about some of his ideas on the idea of life.

Fabiana Chiu and Cynthia Capriata

Fabiana Chiu [no age given] talks with her friend Cynthia Capriata [no age given] about growing up Chinese in Perú and learning about the history of her family and the Chinese in Perú and the Americas.

Immigration interview

This interview is about my friends mom Xiomara Romeo’s experience from moving from Peru to America

DIM interview

talked about their biggest impacts in life and how that changed their views

Jocelyn Bessett Gorlin and Liz McDonough

Jocelyn Bessett Gorlin (56) is interviewed by her friend Liz McDonough (64) about her childhood in Connecticut, her relationship with her parents and four siblings and how she decided to become a nurse. She also discusses how she met her...

Jose Carrillo-Castro and Audrey Faunce

Jose Carrio-Castro (26) is interviewed by his wife Audrey Faunce (26). They speak about Jose, who is currently in med school, and his journey as an undocumented immigrant from Peru, to becoming a doctor, and the barriers that he has...

A Life spent between New Orleans, OC and Peru.

We spoke about my mom’s life in New Orleans, and in Peru. Then we spoke about my life in Orange County and how mom and I have seen OC change!

DIY Final Project
December 4, 2022 App Interview

I, Tyler Reynolds, interviewed Francesca Villanueva. She is 17 and I am 18. We are good school friends and we talked about her relationship with Peru.

Friend's Life Story – Peru and Venezuela.

Peruvian by ethnicity, Venezuelan by nationality, and now an immigrant in the US we talk about 25 year old Lucero's Peruvian and Venezuelan family and identity.

World views and lifestory with Moníca Mora

An interview with Monica Mora (in Spanish) discussing her favorite memories here in the United States, her aspirations in life and her thoughts on today’s controversial topics.

Marcus Burrier and Mary Van Heukelom

Marcus Burrier (34) talks with his Above and Beyond Cancer trainer, Mary Van Heukelom (46), about his experience with cancer as a teen and again in adulthood; his relationship with God, his wife, and his daughters; and the trips he...