Learning about my dad’s childhood and how he coped with losing his parents.

In this interview, conducted on April 2019 in Placentia, California, Nick Devereaux interviews his father Jim Devereaux. My father shares stories about his parents and childhood memories. Jim also goes in depth on what it was like losing both parents...

Berlin Wall comes down!

Blaine Ross relates his story of the Berlin Wall coming down to librarian Jenny Chamberlain

Great Grandma’s Story

A conversation with my great grandmother growing up, her cheese making father, meeting her husband, her six kids, moving across the United States, creating a successful business in Portland, and 91 years of gracious living.

Stranger Interview

Most of this questions revolved around looking deeper into ones self. What makes her who she is and how she sees the world around her.

Elisa Ross and Heather Burmeister

Elisa Ross (50) and her wife, Heather Burmeister (47), discuss Elisa’s breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Planning for Memorial

Quick recap for Memorial using general guided questions