Interview with a Waldorf School of Princeton founding parent, Heide Ratliff.

Heide Ratliff, founding alumni parent and current educational support teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton, describes her early involvement with the school and the pioneering spirit of the founding parents and faculty.

Vince Traylor. Husband and father, shares his story and the takeaways from his life experiences.

This interview was conducted in December 2021 in Princeton, New Jersey. Emma Traylor (18) interviews her father, Vince Traylor (60) about his life course. Vince shares his story of growing up in Ohio and later moving to New Jersey. We...

Mike Hamilton and Philip Hamilton

Michael Hamilton (82) talks with his son, Philip Hamilton (42). They talk about Michael's first and second marriages, their shared love of nature and birds, Philip's coming out, and the ways they have grown.

Dorothy Mullen

End of life interview with environmental activist who chose hospice early for improved quality of life.

Nausheen Rajan and Andrew McDonald

Nausheen Najan (27) is interviewed by her colleague and friend Andrew McDonald (25) about growing up in Florida, her parents' migration journey, being a graduate student at Princeton, the impostor syndrome, and her work as cofounder of Ismailis Rise Up.

From East Germany With Love

I interview my mother about her experience raising her younger siblings after her parents were imprisoned by the East German government. This is a story of strength, perseverance, and overcoming extreme adversity while remaining true to her family and herself.

Kathleen Allen’s 80th Birthday

Linda and I shared our fondest memories of time with Kathy. We told stories and shared how much of an impact Kathy has had on our lives!

Family Chat With Gram

In this interview Skylar High(16) and her grandmother, Susan High(82), discuss honorability, love, and always trusting yourself. Even in difficult time it is imperative to hold on to hope and even in bleak times there are still kind people in...

Storytelling with my sister

My sister and I sat down and did this interview. We were able to bond and remember old memories.

Kendall and Brett's Thanksgiving Interview

I, Kendall Snyder (17), interviewed my father, Brett Snyder (45). We talked about his childhood in Princeton, Missouri and his service in the United States Army.

Jacques Istel and Felicia Istel

Jacques Andre Istel [no age given] tells his wife Felicia Istel's [no age given] about his French education and upbringing, his journey to America and all the unexpected turns of events that occurred once he arrived.