Muna Tseng and Nicky Paraiso

Muna Tseng (63) and Nicky Paraiso (64) talk about their shared background as the children of Asian immigrants, artists in New York, and the impact that the AIDS crisis had on their community.

Sean Singh and Elizabeth Singh

Sean Singh, 43, interviewed by his wife Lizz (Elizabeth) Singh, 38. Sean and Lizz talk about their childhoods, meeting in New York City, and their two kids, Amy and Erin.

Richelet Jean, Hasina Islam, and Abigail (no name given)

Richelet Jean (42) speaks with librarian Hasina Islam (27), as well as his daughter Abigail (no last name given) (7), about how Hasina's work with families at the public library has made a huge impact on Abigail's learning, curiosity, and...

Dawn Owens and Lindsay Isaacs

Dawn Owens 81 speaks with her friend Lindsay Isaacs 41 about growing up in New York City in the 1940's and how she became a runner after losing her husband. Dawn has completed 9 marathons including two NYC Marathons.

Last day of being 17

Xavier is a Senior in high school,He’s also taking college courses at Queens College,He got his full license, and is extremely responsible and kind hearted

Anna Verwij Interviews Noreen Czarnecki

On November 27th 2022 Anna Verwij (20) sat down to interview her aunt’s mother Noreen Czarnecki (82) about her relationship with her late husband Frank Czarnecki, her life growing up in the city, and her experiences as a mother. Noreen...