My father, Ronald

This interview is generally about my father, Ronald St. Hill, talking about his life and also his views on life and what he has experienced and and his moments in life

Mildred Cox and Cassandra Gordon

Mildred Cox (97) spoke with Cassandra Gordon (17) about her life in the service

Grandmama and Grandaddy

I asked my grandparents about their experiences growing up and how life in America is different today.

Mary S. (Puts) Costigan with two of her sons Joseph and Paul Costigan February 2022

Mary S. Costigan (nee Ensenberger) age 91 speaks with two of her sons about stories from her youth in Bloomington, IL and her rich family life.

Nate Larson interviews his grandpa about his life

In this interview, Nate Larson(15) interviews Don Larson(80), his grandfather about his life. Don covers childhood memories and how life was like when he was a kid. Also, he talks about his success as a business owner and the historical...

Hartley’s Appreciations

Hartley talks about some of the moments in his life he most appreciates.

Beryl Goto and Harriet Weber

Harriet Weber (65) interviews her friend Beryl Goto (75) about her journey to the United States from London, her life and time in Quincy, Washington, and her experiences as a flight attendant and hospice therapist.

Harriet Weber and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend and colleague, Harriet Weber (65), about her experience becoming a "farm wife" in Quincy Valley and about her passion for community history.

Everybody Has A Story

I talked with Ashley about her goals in life, what her future has in store for her, and her input on success in a relationship. She also gave insight into memories.

Enzo Vallée and John King

John King (79) spoke about his military experience in the Navy with Enzo Vallée (16).

A look at Dad’s past

this interview has to do with Brad McCown’s past. He talks about where he grew up as well as where he went to College.

Joseph Neumann and Jennifer Samborski

One Small Step Conversation partners Joseph "Joe" [No name given] (52) and Jennifer "Jen" [No name given](48) talk about their faith, working in law enforcement and the importance of conversations to find understanding.

Joseph Costigan

David Costigan (90) talks with two of his sons about growing up in Bloomington, IL. Also discussed life as teacher and coach in Quincy, IL and his family's legacy of service to the US.

Alex Schmidt and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend Alex Schmidt (75) about his family's experience emigrating from Germany to the United States. They also discuss his childhood in Germany and Washington State, his military and clergy careers, and his family.

Enzo Vallee and Tom Devlin

Tom Devlin (67) speaks about his service in the Navy with Enzo Vallee (17)

Denise Keegan and Duane Nycz

Denise Keegan (71) and her friend Duane Nycz (62) share a conversation about their bartending and restaurant careers, their families, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Soap Lake, WA, the city that they both call home.

Papa’s Best Thanksgiving

Today, me and my grandfather discussed questions about Thanksgiving when he was a child. He discussed the most memorable Thanksgiving he had, one of his family’s Thanksgiving traditions, and his favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Questions for Grandpa

Grandpa tells me about his early life, his journey into adulthood, and lessons he's learned along the way.

Enzo Vallee and Brian Glennon

Brian Glennon (82) spoke with Enzo Vallee (16) about his experiences as a US soldier in the Airforce.

Spencer and Sam’s family interview

My dad grew up in a very different lifestyle then most and this talk with him gives a great understanding of what it was like.