Great Thanksgiving Listen

Lots of talk about religion and finding one’s personal truth. It was very interesting to hear the perspective of my mother on family issues regarding religion that happened a few years back. She also gave me lots or insight and...

My Little Brother David

I interviewed my 12 year old brother David. We discussed some of his favorite memories and future plans

Petting a Lion at the MGM Grand Hotel

While roaming the MGM Grand hotel, Marlaina Lieberg was told she needed to leave the area as her guide dog Vista was agitating the resident MGM lion nearby. Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime experience, she agreed on the condition that she be...

Life stories with a 70 year old

In it he talks about his previous life along with a few funny moments

AP Spanish Language and Culture Final

Connor M. Budge (18) Paula Arzoian (Yo no say) a variety of questions were asked mainly to practice conversational Spanish language as well as learn more about Ms. Arzoian

An interview with my twin sister

An interview with my twin sister about her times in highschool and adventures she’s been on

Thanksgiving Amsco Interview

We Mostly Spoke About Gratitude Over Being Here In The United States And Overall Family

Bob’s Journey

We talked about life and all it's intricacies.

RSGM Interview

Jeff is a member of the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission, an organization built upon recovering drug and alcohol addicts who serve food to the homeless as a part of their program. In this interview, Jeff spoke about his struggles with drug...

Grandma and Grandpa’s Love

In this interview, I talked to my grandpa about my grandma who passed away five years ago. We talked about his first date, his wedding, and honeymoon.

Interview With Dad

I talk with my father, Kurt Franke, about all the jobs he has worked in his life.

Spanish Final Interview

Entrevista con Billy Fisher sobre su vida, viajes, miedos y más.

Interview with my mom

An interview with my mom, Tracy Byers

Randall Lorenz recalls his experience in the U.S. military.

Librarian Suzanne Malek interviews Randall Lorenz regarding his experience/memories of his time in the U.S. military.