Grace Reed and her uncle Richard talk about his childhood memories and interesting life stories.

Grace Reed interviewed her uncle Richard Reed at her home in Warwick, RI on November 24th, 2017. Mr. Reed, the youngest of six children, offers his funny, cynical take on his upbringing in East Greenwich, RI during the 1960s and...

Social Distancing COVID-19

Discussed the effects on social distancing with the current world wide pandemic. We learned about her perspective on COVID-19 and how's its impacted her daily life

The Interview Next door

Sally Schuman, my neighbor, moved to Rhode Island from California almost 2 years ago. She is older than my parents and younger than my grandparents. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to interview her because she experienced different major...

Mom’s Story – Matthew Arciero
December 2, 2019 App Interview

My mom talks about her experiences in childhood, marriage, religion, and schooling.

Great Thanksgiving Listen: Alex Fisch interviewing Victoria Camelio.

In this interview, Victoria talks about her experience as one of the top youth swimmers in New England, the sacrifices she made, and how she effectively balanced her time.

The Navy – Michael Beatty

Madeline Stach interviews her uncle Michael Beatty about his service in the Navy. They talk about basic training, why he chose the navy, and some of the people he met while serving.

Carmino DeBiasio and Donna DeBiasio

Carmino DeBiasio (89) talks to his daughter Donna DeBiasio (51) about being a wedding photographer for over 50 years, memorable weddings he attended, and what it has been like to live in Providence his whole life.

Bryant O’Hara and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (59) talks with his friend Bryant O'Hara (50) about his life and writing.

Amara Ugochukwu

Sharing stories about cultural heritage and personal experiences

Interviewing in the Coronavirus

In this video, I will be interviewing my mom, Brenna Enos. I will be asking her questions about her experience with the CoronaVirus.

The greates man I ever knew

Everyone says the have the best dad in the world and for their own reasons. From all the stories he’s told me to all the lessons he’s taught me, my dad Luis Ramirez is the wises man and the best...

My Interview During the Coronavirus

In today’s video I will interview my dad about the coronavirus

Military voices initiative #giftformyDad#his gift to me#intellectualcuriousity/thanks Dad#in memory of SFC Jared Monti

See my video on Interview with my Dad about his military experiences and how he feels about parenting. Scholarship submission for grade 6 PCD from my intellectual curiosity and educated at the Pinecroft School with Ms Pinto.

Pauline Bueadry interview

We talked about her childhood and her life growing up

Marilyn Rose, Meredith Rose, and Shelley Rose

Shelley Rose (58) and Meredith Rose (55) talk with their mother, Marilyn Rose (83) about her life growing up in Providence, RI and how she hated following rules as a kid. She also talks about meeting her husband and her...

That time I got gum in my hair

We talked about the time I almost killed (but didn’t) my dog. And about deeper things. Idk just listen to it urself

Julie Peck and William (Bill) Lynch

Julie Peck 72 and Bill Lynch 75 discussed the development of Bill's social justice philosophy from a Quaker high school, through law school at U of Chicago, becoming a conscientious objector after ROTC, teaching in a changing school system.

Recollections of Professor Christopher Carbone

Interview with Christopher Carbone, Graduate Program Coordinator and Lecturer in the department of Counseling, Leadership and Expressive Arts. Professor Carbone discusses his 20 year teaching career at Salve Regina, the history of his department since its founding by Professors Jack...