Interviewing my mom

This interview contains questions relating to my mothers traumatic upbringing, including neglect, abuse and disappointment. Yet, she also sheds light on her amazing story of overcoming so many obstacles to get to the place she is today.

A challenging happy life

How life changed throughout the years. Struggle and happiness.

Senior Capstone

I enjoyed talking to my mom. It was interesting to learn some things about my mom. I learned a few things about my grandparents and great grandparents.

English interview

I asked questions about my mothers life and what lessons she learned from her parents.

Kolin McVeigh & Patricia McVeigh

We discussed a lot about my mother's family and how she was raised, more particularly the difference in societal norms between when she was a kid and nowadays. My mother, Patricia McVeigh, was born in 1967 and works for the...

Hannah Yarbrough and Frank Yarbrough

I interviewed my father on his life as a kid, what he was like, and people he misses that have passed away.

My Dad

My father was abused and neglected as a child by his stepmother.

Abby Sands, Elizabeth Sands

We talked about how we enjoyed living near eachother and then how I was a as a child and how she has influenced me and my life.

Dad at nearly 50

Getting to know my dad’s childhood in Spanglish. From San Rafael, a small ranch near Huejucar, Jalisco, Mexico to Southern California and three very American daughters. He talks about life lessons and loss.


We spoke about our development with spiritual views threw life experience and phycedelics.

Mother Knows Best

My mom is my rock, my foundation, and well my life of course. Ima sincere momma’s boy and I’m glad I could learn about her and from her. Love you mom.

Nathan and Linda’s Interview

We talked about the music and t.v shows from back then compared to today’s. We also talked about family and friends and life lessons that lead on in the future.

Heather Chandler Senior Capstone(Ms. Trotter p.2)

I am Heather Chandler and in this interview I interview my father Kenneth Chandler!

Story Corp (Mom) 10-22-17

My mother and I talked about her life and all of her advice and love to me.

Memories of Bobbie and Dave Heldt with Katie Bausler and Alicia Rowe

Katie Bausler: 2020-10-12 19:45:53 Katie Bausler, 58 and Lee Rowe, 89 chat about Lee's 60 year friendship with Katie's parents, Bobbie, 88 and David Heldt, 90. Lee shares memories of Dave serenading Bobbie with Falling in Love wit you in...

Parents generation

The things that were talked about in this interview were my moms generation and how it changed her

Interview with Cousin

We talked mostly about family and her personal life.

My Inspiration

This interview was based on the life of the person that has inspired me to do better for my future. In general, why she is the person she is now and what have been her motives to continue living with...

Shanna Green and Caden Green

In the interview we talked and laughed about memories, family, values, loved ones, and crazy experiences.