Laurie Meininger and Pete Montaño

One Small Step conversation partners Laurie Meininger (65) and Pete Montaño (68), talk about travel, family life, voting rights, gun control and gun ownership and the tension between individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Interview With My Dad

Erno Csatlos talks with his daughter about how he grew up in communist controlled Romania and how that has affected the way he lives today.

Interviewing my mom

I spoke with my mom about my childhood and hers. We also spoke about my future as a mom later in my life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Marilena Tolea

During this interview with my mother, Marilena Tolea, we discussed several different topics. First, she described her childhood in Romania, school, and the impacts of communism. Then, she elaborated on her family, particularly the influences her siblings and her mother...

Story Corps Project

I interviewed my father about his early life before he met my mother. He told me of how he left communist Romania and ended up meeting my mother in the end.

Tati’s Life Story

I interviewed my dad on his life in Communist Romania, as well as his experience immigrating to the United States!

Dr. Edgar Moran

Edgar was a Holocaust survivor in communist Romania. He talked to me about a close call he had as an Underground agent.

Fran Young and Paul Young

Married couple, Fran Young (68) and Paul Young (72), recall stories and events that lead them to becoming international teachers, traveling to many countries, culture shocks, and navigating life in Springfield, Missouri after traveling abroad.

Povestea celor șapte copii adoptați

Alex impreuna cu sotia lui Nati au 4 copii adoptati iar 3 sunt in proces de adopție. In acest interviu de 30 de minute Alex povestește călătoria adopției și ce a stat în spatele ei.

Michelle’s story

Hear Mrs. Corsei’s story about her trip from Romania to the United States

Tati’s Emigration

Dad Talía about his experience emigrating from communist Romania to the US through Italy and his experience once arriving to America.

Warren Hersch and Marion Blank talk about Sara Sherman Levinson.

For the U.S. Bicentennial, every U.S. state selected 10 women to be included among a list of 500 honored in "Mothers of Achievement," a collection of biographies about women from 1776 to 1976. The book's publication was spearheaded by the...

Historian assignment Davide Nicorescu

In this recording my father talked about his experience in the Romanian Revolution and his experiences in the military and immigration to Italy.

Looking Back

Bogdan Eftimie is 49 and is the father to me, Anja Eftimie. We talking about his childhood memories and memories from even just a year ago.

Salwa Muhammad and Ana Trandatir

Salwa Nur Muhammad (32) and Anan Trandatir (32) reflect on their college experience and the work they have pursued afterwards during their Wellesley College 10th reunion.

Edward Salgian and Matthew Salgian

Edward Salgian (64) and his son, Matthew Salgian (36) talk about Edward immigrating to New York for a better life from Romania, moving to Phoenix, and starting a life with Matthew's biological mother.

Attitude Of Gratitude Sayyed

Overall I asked four questions to the participant, my mom, Judith. She replied to the questions and I recorded it. The first question I asked was what are you thankful for? Next I asked her to tell me about her...

Raluca Narita and Lucian Narita talk about life experience and coming to America

In this interview, conducted in December 3, 2017, Raluca Narita interviews her father (age 46) about his childhood, immigration to America and life experience in general. Mr. Narita speaks about life in a communist country and his career both in...