The Man, the Myth. Louis Magnanti (interviewed by Molly Cronin)

On his 85th birthday, I interviewed my grandfather about growing up and the people in his life. He’s not ever one to hold his tongue (haha) but I wanted to capture his memories for StoryCorps, since we’re usually cracking jokes...

Greg Flood Seized Opportunities Leading Him to a Fascinating Career Journey

Listen as Greg recounts his journey from French major to Broadway stagehand , Naval electrician to Math major and to a magazine ad that led him and his wife, Catherine, to a career in HR at the UN Food and...

Carolyn Osborn and Donna Schloss

Carolyn Osborn (74) interviews her friend Donna Schloss (78) about Donna's career as a nurse, her travels throughout the world, and her work with the U.S. State Department.

Interview with Dr. Clinton Peters

We talked about writing and what skills it takes to become a writer. We also talked about his work as an author.

Diego talks with Grandma about her life

Diego Aguilera Kelley, age 13, talks with his grandmother, Lovella Kelley, age 80. She tells him about growing up in western KS and her life experiences.

Anna Marie’s Struggle for Life

The story of Anna Marie’s cancer misdiagnosis and her seven-year struggle for life.

Avery Walkoviak interviews her grandfather about growing up on a farm and their family heritage.

This interview took place in Eugene, Oregon on November 29th. Avery Walkoviak (13) interviewed her grandfather Larry Walkoviak (67) about growing up on a farm as a son of a Catholic Polish immigrant. Larry shares about his family on his...

Laura Garrison and Mary Kay Bishop

Friends, Laura Garrison (67) and Mary Kay Bishop (67), share a conversation on their friendship that spans 40 years and reflect on the adventures they've had and will continue to embark on.

Emigrating to America at such a young age

I (Tiffany) interview my father (Andrew) about his life as a teenager and what it was like moving to America at such a young age.

Berry So Far

I talked about my first couple of weeks in college, and about how my life will be after.


When Tad Richards' mother remarried, it was to man named Harvey Fite, who lived in a house with no electricity or running water, dominated by a mountain view and a pile of rubble. That was unique enough living arrangement, but...

Berry So Far

I am a freshman at Berry College. I’ve been here for half a semester. What have I learned in the seven weeks of my time here at Berry?

What do soup and love have in common?

Karin Weichlein and Bob Rider relate the romantic story of how they met and conducted a trans-Atlantic relationship which led to marriage and thirty years of happiness. Making soup is a poetic metaphor for their courtship and marriage.

Ann Bromberg delights with stories of her New York childhood and the joys and challenges of her creative artistry

Fabric artist, teacher, mother of three, Ann Bromberg says her creativity and zest for life stem from her childhood in New York City. Their mother introduced Ann and her older sister as young children to the nearby Brooklyn Botanic Garden...

Berry So Far

Berry so far, first seven weeks of college!!

Millie and her Nonno Lee

Lee Miller (76) in NYC speaks with his granddaughter Millie (13) who lives in Rome, Italy. He recounts growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's & 60's, and share stories about his father, her great grandfather fighting in World WarII...

Woods Travels Documentary

This interview is about Shannon Woods’ experiences with traveling the world.

The Story of Joseph Miller
September 17, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed Joseph Miller who is the youngest in the family of 9. He tells about some of his favorite memories growing up.

A creative–and a priest

Growing up as an only child afforded Paulist Fr. Tom Holahan a huge imaginary world, where his creativity was nurtured. He loved the creative life and exploring the world so much that he couldn't see himself taking on the responsibility...

Kathleen O'Dell and Andrea Croley

Andrea Croley [no age given] tells her friend, Kathleen O'Dell [no age given] about her family's experience of the Bombing of Dresden, immigrating to Missouri as a child, and how her family history and personal experiences inform her condemnation of...