Naomi Benaron and Jean-Paul Genet
August 29, 2019 OSS Hub

Jean-Paul Genet (69) and his OSS conversation partner Naomi Benaron (67) share strong memories of their families' political and cultural backgrounds.

Why my mom came to America.

This interview was about why my mom chose to immigrate to America, and what potential she saw in the country.

Norah Bagirinka and Syma Mohammed

Norah Bagirinka (62) is interviewed by StoryCorps staff member Syma Mohammed (33) about how the Rwandan civil war affected her family, her life in Uganda, her participation in the Oscar-nominated documentary "God sleeps in Rwanda," and starting her Columbus-based nonprofit...

Beatrice Uwimpuhwe and Aimee Zangandou

Aimee Zangandou (39) talks with her mother, Beatrice Uwimpuhwe (67), to remember and share their family's resettlement story which began in Rwanda in 1994.

Augustin Ntabaganyimana and Jason Crislip

Jason Crislip (42) interviews his friend, Augustin Ntabaganyiama (39), about his life in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, being a refugee in the United States, his road to becoming a State Refugee Coordinator, and the people who helped...

Why Dad came to America interview.

The story of immigration from a Rwandan immigrants'-point of view.

Emmanuel Eletere and Ebenezer Murengezi

Emmanuel Eletere [no age given] and his mentor, Ebenezer Murengezi (34), reflect on their experience as refugees in Kenya and the United States.

Interviewing Kristi Ramasubramanian regarding her service trip to Rwanda in 2010.

Kristi embarked on a service trip to Rwanda for one month through Operation Smile. She volunteered her time to help patients undergo Cleft Lip and Palate procedures.

Rwanda genocide UN aide

U.S. Air Force aide in UN efforts to ease Rwandan genocide

Aimee Zangandou, Beatrice Uwimpuhwe, and Beverly Bull

Mother and daughter Beatrice Uwimpuhwe (67) and Aimee Zangandou (39) relate to their friend Beverly Bull (69) the story of their escape from Rwanda in 1994 as the Rwandan Genocide began, their lives as refugees in other countries in Africa,...

Anna Grady and Carol Clarke

One Small Step partners Anna Catherine Grady (24) and Carol Clarke (58) discuss jazz history and environmental justice in Birmingham, AL. They also discuss Rwanda, the COVID-19 pandemic, and how their family members have shaped them.

Odila’s story

My mother odila, talks about her life in her country. How she survived the genocide that happened.

Liberata’s journey, and her experience in the U.S.

Liberata Ntahundu, a native Rwandanize who fled from her country due to a war that started in 1990 in Rwanda. She escaped Rwanda with her two children and her husband to find shelter in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which...