Interviewing my dad

My dad told me about his life experience, childhood, some of his wisdom, and what he is grateful for.

Interview with my Grandma, Linda

She talked about her attempts in Vietnam to escape the Communists, her struggles as a single mother in America, and her toxic ex-husband.

Richard Ha and Alexey Katko

Friends Richard Ha (77) and Alexey Katko (35) discuss Richard's life and his time as a soldier in the Vietnam War.

Family History

Grandson interviews grandfather about immigrating from Communist Vietnam to America and about family history.

Patrick Butler and Nancy Duling

Patrick Butler (71) and One Small Step partner Nancy Duling (60) discuss Patrick's military service during the Vietnam War and their reluctance to express their political views in the current divisive climate.

Profile of Grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa, Bill Papierniak, about his experience being drafted into the Vietnam War and how it impacted him.

Beverly Keever and Ann Auman

Beverly Keever (87) speaks to her friend Ann Auman (67) about her experience as a journalist on the the ground during the Vietnam War. She describes her experience of Operation Starlite, the Battle of Khe Sanh, and other pivotal moments...

Vietnam War

Interviews with my uncle about the Vietnam War.

Trinh Jones and Tim Jones

Spouses, Trinh Jones (59) and Tim Jones (58), talk about their contrasting childhoods in Saigon, Vietnam and Troy, Missouri, as well as the shared values that bring them together. They also reminisce about their early relationship, raising their two sons,...

“I went over as a Hawk and came back a Dove”

Bill Shaffer, a Vietnam veteran, is interviewed by her granddaughter, Lydia Crane about his time serving in the Vietnam War. In this interview, they discuss fears he experienced, his personal view on the war, and a couple wild first-hand stories....

Linda Gorham and Gwendolyn Hilary

Linda Gorham (58) tells her friend Gwendolyn Hilary (68) about being a professional storyteller. She also talks about what she learned from her grandfather who was a Pullman Porter, her passion for golf and how she learned about race in...

Interview With My Dad

My dad and I discussed the history of our family and their escape to America from Vietnam. We also talked about his experiences throughout life while being an immigrant. The last part of the interview is his perspective of the...

Elias Gomez and Roberto Lavadie

Elias Gomez (11) interviews his grandfather, Roberto Lavadie (72), about his experiences during Vietnam.

Interview with Stephanie Torres

This interview contains stories from Stephanie’s life and her past experiences that has helped her grown as a woman.

Culture Shock

Spent the evening talking with my roommate about her move from Vietnam to Plymouth, NH. What we thought our lives would look like at 20 years old vs what the actually look like. How is the US different from Vietnam?...

Lucille Keegan and Martha Hulsman

Friends Lucille Keegan [no age given] and Martha Hulsman (60) talk about Martha's pottery business, 15 schools, being a caregiver and pet birds. Lucille talks about growing up in Bristol on a dairy farm and her father's interest in training...

Son Huynh and Jacob Botsch

One Small Step conversation partners Son Huynh (18) and Jacob Botsch (18) talk about their personal backgrounds, share some of their political beliefs, and discuss the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their lives and education.