Joely Gause: A Life Full of Adventure

My girlfriend, Joely Gause, speaks with me about her traveling experiences, her tips on traveling, and some of the hardships of leaving the country.

Experience with the USAF 1967-1973

A phone interview with my grandfather who served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War.

A talk with Duong

A conversation about Duong’s family, background and coming to the USA

great thanksgiving listen 2019- jade petersen

My grandmother lived in Vietnam until 1975. She grew up in Hue, where she lived in a convent from ages 12-17.

Declan's ELA Interview With Dad

Talked to my father about his travels abroad after college and how it affected him and other people.

My grandfather’s Vietnam experiences

My grandfather's experience flying transport missions and managing Saigon International Airport during the Vietnam War

Interview with an American citizen about his experience in the 1960s

In this interview I ask questions to a former Vietnam solider about his experience in the war, his experience in the 1960's and his thoughts on the current events in the 1960's

The Ticonderoga experience with Thomas Lange

In this interview we talk about the navy, war, and the life of a Sailer. Thomas Lange talks about his most fun and scariest moments on the aircraft carrier. This is a great story for people interested in the navy...

Vietnam war cadet interview

I interviewed my Grandfather about what he did and what happened in the vietnam war

Interview with Grandpa

This was an interview with my Papa, about his deployment in Vietnam.

Michael Davis interview Vietnam Draft

We talked about my Grandfather serving in the army and where exactly he served

Kim Pham and Julie Pham

Daughter, Julie Pham (36) interviews her father, Kim Pham (65) about his life prior to the Fall of Saigon, his time in the Re-education Camps, and his journey to the United States.

Ngoc Trai Vo and Cam Hien Johnson

Ngoc "Trai" Vo (67) speaks with her daughter Cam Hein Johnson (40) about her early life in Vietnam. She discusses the obstacles she faced as a young, single mother, recounts her decision to come to the US, and encourages others...

Interview with John Wilkirson (Vietnam Veteran)

Julia Oliveira is a Freshman at Berry College. Hannah Cunningham is her roommate from Arizona. John Wilkirson is Hannah’s grandfather, a Vietnam Veteran. Around minute 26, John tells a very emotional and touching story while he was in Vietnam. God...

Oral History Project

Audrey Magnusen and Lyvia Hall-Feldhaus interviewing Steve Magnusen about the events of the Vietnam War, and the 1960’s overall.

Hurl Taylor and Leanora Mims

Dr. Hurl Taylor (85) speaks with mentee Leanora Mims (63) about his experience as a Vietnam veteran. They discuss Dr. Taylor's time in the Green Berets, his life and work post military, and how he has supported Leanora's own endeavors.