Over Thanksgiving break I talked with my grandpa about his life. He told me about his time in the army. He talked about what he did in the army and his times in Germany. He was a mechanic so we...

How’s it hanging podcast
November 20, 2017 App Interview

This was a fake interview as John Proctor and Abigail Williams from the crucible. The idea was to exploit Abigail for the horrible person she is.

Zack Chatters and Graham Wells

Zack Chatters (17) interviews his classmate, Graham Wells (19) about his experiences with mental health, community, social media, and more during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Story of Brian

I talk to my grandfather about his life growing up and what he thinks looking back at it now.

A Conversation With Mama

My mom and I talk about her “migration” from Napa, California to Salem, Oregon in 1993

Zack Chatters and Nickea Stalter COVID-19 Media and Technology Interview

Zack Chatters (17) talks with his high school mentor, Nickea Stalter (40) about her experience teaching during the pandemic, the difference between healthy and unhealthy media, and more.

Alexis and her mother, talking about life experiences

In this interview, conducted on December 3rd 2020, in Beverly, Massachusetts, Alexis interviews her mother, asking about her childhood, funny stories, and present day life. Kristina shares funny, sad, and happy moments with Alexis. In the end of the interview...

Cooper and Austin: Connected at the Knee
November 30, 2017 App Interview

My two brothers Cooper and Austin tell the story of their serious knee injuries.

Conversation with Jessie Skinner Gaither

Jessie Gaither, age 97, shares stories of growing up, family, school, and motherhood with her 14 year old great grandson Jensen Gaither. His mom, Jessie's granddaughter listens in.

Talk with dad

We talked about how my mom and dad met and what my dad’s life was like as a kid

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my dad as a kid, his life, his grandparents, his happiest memories, his happiest memories of me, what being a parent taught him, what advice he would give to his teenage self, his favorite teacher, and some...

Tara Holl & Angela Vaughn

Angela Vaughn (31) and co-worker Tara Holl (31) interview at Salem Public Library on 11/21/2022. We talk about all things library, future of the library, and what makes this place so great!

I dropped out of college and joined the Air Force, and then they put me right back in college to study Russian… Isn't it ironic?

Jack Jaffe talks about growing up in Portland (Ladd's Addition), Albany, Yakima, and Salem, dropping out of college, joining the Air Force, and going to Vietnam, where the South Vietnamese Army was having a little conflict with the South Vietnamese...