Victor likes to run in his underwear

Ivan’s life

We talked about Ivan's grandparents and memories


The homie Alan being interviewed by oscar

interviewing my mom #TheGreatListen #TGTLSHS2020

i ask my mom about her life experiences & what she has learned from them

Gabriel’s Childhood and Military Service

This interview is about Gabriel’s childhood and connecting it to his military experience. He discusses his early life, school, basic training, and his actually military service. #SHSCOWBOYS

Interview With Mom

I interview my mom and ask about her memories

Moments with dad

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2018 in salinas California, camila Covarrubias(15) interviews her father Saul covarrubias(52) about his childhood and remembrance of his mother. As well as the effects it has had on his life and what life...

History Final

my mother Josie Lopez, is talking about her life back then and gives opinions on society now and back then

Triumphs and defeats

A short life reflection if Adrian Luna and possibly his most traumatic experiences

The Amigos

Interview with Fernando Munguia about life, family and future

The great thanksgiving

This conversation that I had with my grandma and it was about how her child hood was like and etc

Interview with my mom

My interview with my mom was about what she thinks of me and mostly about memories or story about her past back in mexico with her family and when she came here to Salinas to start a family with my...