The Amigos

Interviewing Gustavo Diaz about is life and great memory about his childrenhood.

Interview with Dave Rose

Today I interviewed my grandfather Dave Rose, and I learned so much about him. I learned the incidents that he endured, his life as a child, what his parents and grandparents were like, and what he did growing up.

Thanksgiving interview

This is all about the person Story being heard and understanding their lives.

Moms life

This interview is talking about my moms life and how it is now

Thanksgiving Listen 🎶

This interview includes a conversation between myseld and my grandmother. Where I ask her a few questions of which I was able to get to know her and her way to look at life a little better. And where she...

A mexican life into an American one

The interview was about a person that lives in Mexico and when he was a teenager, he came to live in the US.

My Life

Talks about childhood and about memories.


My friend Valeria who is 16 tells her story.

Interviewing My Mom

My mom talks about her early life and memories she has. She shares life experiences that make her who she is today.

December 14, 2017 App Interview

This conversation was very fun and interesting. I got to learn many more things about her.

My beautiful mother

In this interview I question my mom about her life. She told me about regrets, accomplishments, memories and more.

Ann Jordan and Yo Azama
November 23, 2020 App Interview

Yo Azama: 2020-11-23 19:21:14 Yo Azama (51) talks to his friend and mentor, Ann Jordan (63), about her mother Tei Dacus (97) who moved to the US to pursue her dream in 1950's and began her career as an educator.

Katrin yi adn Anastasia Khokholkova

Today I interviewed my mom and asked her questions about her past, and childhood

My Mom

I asked my mother a few questions. Some including what her nickname was growing up, what it was like when she found out she was pregnant with me, and how she met my stepdad.

Mommy’s Words

Hello my name is Maria Espinoza, and in this audio I am interviewing my mom, Nidia Soto. We talked about my life as a child and now as a teenager. We also talked about how becoming a parent changed her...

Interviewing my grandma

We talked about her child hood and advice she’d give her younger self as well as life lessons