Interview with my mom

My interview with my mom was about what she thinks of me and mostly about memories or story about her past back in mexico with her family and when she came here to Salinas to start a family with my...

My dad Fred

I interview father and it slowly gets more out of control as he wants to go to bed.

Savannah’s interview

We talked about our ancestors. We also talked about what my moms dream job would be


My father and I discussed personal opinions and stories or the past and what we wish for in the future. We also tried to give inpirational advice to others who wish to hear it.

My grandma gloria

This interview was done with my beautiful grandma, Gloria Navarro. In August, I have been informed that she has been diagnosed with cancer. I thought i’d record my grandmother and learn from the words she laid out for me. Here...

My Grandmas Interview

My grandma is 62 years old , started working at 19 and enjoys working she says .

My interview with diego

Overall I learned some things I didn’t know about Diego even though I have known him for a while.

Miguel’s life story

Miguel is a very hard working guy who really enjoys soccer

Mommy’s Words

Hello my name is Maria Espinoza, and in this audio I am interviewing my mom, Nidia Soto. We talked about my life as a child and now as a teenager. We also talked about how becoming a parent changed her...

Interview with Dad

We are interview my Dad about his life and what was the difficult moment of his life.

My Aunty’s story

My aunt talks about her faith, childhood, and people who inspired her in side school and out.

My Mom

I asked my mother a few questions. Some including what her nickname was growing up, what it was like when she found out she was pregnant with me, and how she met my stepdad.


Fernando is a great teen. He as a hard life but a great love to everyone and his family

Interviewing my grandma

We talked about her child hood and advice she’d give her younger self as well as life lessons

Katrin yi adn Anastasia Khokholkova

Today I interviewed my mom and asked her questions about her past, and childhood

Sister love

We talked about what she will remember what she grateful and what she is

Royal Packing – Donald Hart

Don Hart, 90, talks about the lettuce business he and his brother Jack Hart and partner Ted Nelson started in Salinas, California in 1948. Royal Packing was an early adopter of vacuum cooling and dry pack technology eliminating traditional ice...

My beautiful mother

In this interview I question my mom about her life. She told me about regrets, accomplishments, memories and more.