Rosina and her father David talking about his childhood and family
November 26, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, recorded November 25th in San Diego, California, Rosina (16) and her father, David (58), talk about his childhood and family growing up in New Jersey. David shares about his family and his journey through ending up in...

Interviewing my Mother

My mother shared with me her favorite memories of her childhood and her experiences moving to the United States

Mom life story

Janis brown is a 47 year old women who is strong and tough, who went through bad moments in her life that most people could not relate to. The stuff that she had to face help her be the person...


She was adopted as a child. Her mother and her relationship was a little off

My Moms life
August 15, 2022 App Interview

Monica San Miguel, 40 years old and there my mom. I asked my mom questions on how she was growing up.

Our friendship

Overall we talk about ourfirst time talking and how it lead up to a great friendship.

This could be a movie

My grandpa wasnt feeling to well, but we got to talk about a variety of things like their life before coming to America


My mom briefly talks about her childhood being adopted and then her experience as a mother.

Spirituality unfolding Mankowski

This is the story of one man’s spiritual development from the Catholicism of his Polish immigrants through an epifany he had sniffing glue to his learning of transcendental meditation which has developed into a long-standing practice and peaceful existence.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today I sat down with my mom to talk about and remember my grandma Alma

Jaya Bryan and Gail Bryan

This interview is about a granddaughter who found her grandmother inspiring. They wanted to share their story with you.