Fei Perry and Nickel Rivera

Friends Fei "Rachel" Perry (22) and Nickel Rivera (22) talk about their friendship, their work organizing in their communities, participating in mutual aid during the pandemic, and their aspirations for the future.

Mary Brown and Laura Lent

Laura Lent (60) talks with her friend Mary Brown (46) about her adventurous spirit, life adventures, and architectural work in San Francisco. Mary talks about the walking tours and historical resource surveys she has created around the architecture and landscape...

Miriam Myers and Rose Medellin

Miriam Myers (17) and her mother Rose Medellin (42) talk about Miriam's upcoming undergraduate experience at Bryn Mawr College. They share childhood memories and discuss what they will miss most about each other.

Barry Livingston, Shayla Livingston, and Michael Livingston

Barry Livingston (85) interviewed by his son Michael Livingston (58) and his granddaughter Shayla Livingston (25) about growing up in San Francisco, California, working for as fashion store called Livingston Brothers, his time in the Navy, and his love of...

"I grew up in a beautiful place"

A 12-year old asked her grandma questions about her teenage life. Her grandma explains how life was always filled with joy and happiness.

The meaning of Mentorship.

We talked about our meeting each other. We talked about the reason for our meeting ans our friendship that developed over the past twenty years.

Richard Burns and Bill Goldstein

Bill Goldstein (61) interviews his friend Richard Burns (66) on his experiences during the AIDS epidemic having been apart of several advocacy, legal, and political groups providing protections to the queer community.

Mary Sherwood and Ronald George

Wife and husband Mary Sherwood (64) and Ron George (70) talk about their experiences working in journalism and the changes they've seen in the industry.

Jennifer Joseph and Jon Longhi

Jennifer Joseph (59) and her spouse Jon Longhi (57) talk about their early memories of meeting, their shared love of poetry and writing, their concerns for the state of the world, and their involvement with their community in San Francisco.

Nancy Kittle and Susan Doering

Nancy Kittle, 82, tells her friend Susan Doering, 49, about her childhood with her single mother, who came from a wealthy meat-packing family, in Santa Barbara, CA, her education at Sarah Lawrence College and other experiences in New York City...

Theresa Taken and Emily Taken-Vertz

Theresa Taken (72) talks with her daughter Emily Taken-Vertz (28) about growing up in rural Iowa, being adventurous, going to college, traveling the world, and becoming a lawyer after being a social worker in the South Bronx.

thanksgiving interview

Interview with Leogie, my dad, about his experience moving to the USA from the Philippines, meeting friends, and meeting my mom.

1966 – Loren & Veneta Lesher

Loren and Veneta Lesher have been married over 70 years. They are sharing stories from each year of their lives together. They were married in 1953. This interview covers 1966.

Phyllicia McGowan and Susan Kocen

Phyllicia Daria McGowan (59) is interviewed by her friend, Susan Kocen (50), about her life as a queer person, who for so long did not fit into the queer community.

Laura Slattery and Alex Lyon

Laura Slattery (47) interviewed by Alex Lyon (28) about working for a homeless shelter and nonprofit called the Gubbio Project, growing up in Los Angeles, CA and attending Catholic school, her service in the Medical Service Corps in Hawaii, working...

thanksgiving interview with my grandpa

Interview with my grandparents with my dad as a translator(with some interaction with my grandma and mom). We talk mainly about stories of my grandpa, how they came to the USA.

Rukiya Lee and Junior Duplessis

Friends and colleagues Rukiya Lee (45) and Junior Duplessis (23) talk to each other about the people and places that have informed their politics, their hopes for New York City, and what they think about democracy in the United States.

Gedalia Braverman and Elizabeth Schaffer

Gedalia Braverman (56) and Elizabeth Schaffer (53) talk about the first few years of the organization API Equality. They talk about being in San Francisco during the 1990s and their work during the AIDS crisis. They also talk about cultural...

Larry Parks and Jeffrey Roper

Larry Parks (68) interviewed by his nephew Jeffrey Roper (40) about growing up in Antoich, CA, moving to San Francisco in the 1960's, what it was like to be gay in the 1960's and 1970's, running his own salon, and...

Richard Hoy and Angel Hoy

Richard Hoy (71) shares some of his military experiences with his daughter Angel Hoy (18). He discusses his deployment to Vietnam, serving as a medic, and explains the scars and experiences that got him the Purple Heart Medal. Richard also...