Ashley interviews her roommate about loss.
January 27, 2020 App Interview

In this interview I interviewed my roommate Emma who is one of my best friends. She speaks about losing her dog and having to say bye to her best friend when she left to go back to school.

And they were roommates…

Roommates, Jason Foster and Nate Wagner, talked about the people in our lives (both dead and alive) that had the most influence on us and how they shaped our views. And finally how Nate Wagner like to be remembered.

Interview of Elena’s views on death

Elena talks about her views on what happen after death and shares a story of how she remembers her Grandmother.

Opinions, Econ interview

This is an interview about opinions from a student who has lived in Mexico and has both perspectives of living here in the US and in Mexico.

Eddie and Emily talk about the topic of death. "What is your attitude toward to death?"

I am talking with my sister Emily, who lives in New York currently. Emily was talking about her attitude and experience about her family member's death.

Thomasina Hinkle and Ross Dalke

I interview my close friend, Thomasina Hinkle, and she tells me about some of her expectations for death.

Hannah and Noah

This is an interview with my boyfriend Noah Robinson, about his life and what he has learned

The Life of Chicken (Part II)

(Short transition before app recording gave out-introduction to Soren's time in college)

Eloisa and Paris talk about their friendship, college, and whatever else Paris seems to come up with

Eloisa and Paris have been best friends for four years. The pair discuss their past, present, and possible future together in this ten minute phone call.