A New Life

Me and my mom talk about why she moved to America from Egypt, the challenges she faced, and how she succeeded.

StoryCorps Interview – Krish Malhotra Period 2

The person I interviewed was my neighbor Mr. Jalal Arabzadeh. He explained how hard work and never giving up can lead to success no matter what the situation is. Mr Jalal talked about how his life changed when he moved...

Self Reflection about High School

Eugene and I had a conversation about our high school experiences, including memorable moments how we plan to live life.

Reliving the Young Moments of CJ Bauzon

We discussed the different milestones and achievements of CJ Bauzon's childhood.

The Santa Clara Experience

We interviewed each other about our high school experience and how it shaped us as the Class of 2018.

Multi-lit Immigrant Project

Earl Jensen and I talked about his life in Denmark. We talked about his school and his house life. This interview was mostly about the differences of Denmark and American.

Guardian and Nephew

Interview of a guardian (immigrant) who takes on nephew at a young age

May 28, 2001

I interviewed my mom and we talk about the past living in the Philippines and the present and future living in America.

Interview with my dad about his life in Korea before moving to the US.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Santa Clara, California, I interviewed my dad Philip Whang (55) about his childhood life in Korea and the events that happened at that time. He shared stories about what education was like...

Class of 2019

Reminincing on our past four years of high school.

Unknown American(Leandro Mendoza Garcia)interviewer (Edwin Nova Cordero)

I’ve known Leandro for most of my life, never did I think how his actually life struggles were. He is a very family dedicated man, positive towards life, and hard working. The war in his country made him come to...

My grandmothers past life

My grandmother talks about her past life and describes how it’s like in her time

“Just Keep Going”: A Grandmother’s Journey Through Love, Loss, and Constant Moving

Jasmine Kelly-Tanti, 14, and her grandmother, Helen Ostrander, 72, discuss her family’s history in her hometown, Santa Clara. Through growing up with five other siblings, to moving constantly with her husband in the Navy, she dives deep into her childhood...

Jose Serafin and his mom Rocio Ayon talk about growing up and her memories from living in Mexico.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Santa Clara, California, Jose Serafin interviews his mom Rocio Ayon about her childhood in Mexico and her memories from there. They also talk about their current life and what they want for...

Growing Up

A short conversation about the struggles of high school, growing up, and knowing who you are as a person.

Valuable Details of an Experienced Individual

My mom talked about her childhood, her journey into the U.S. and how religion affects her in her everyday life.

Yasser and Mother

As life moves on, people will reflect upon their past so that future generations could learn from the mistakes others have made. I, Yasser, reflect upon my Mother’s, Hanaa, past as she approaches the conclusion of me becoming an adult...

Yen Kha Luong and James Innes

Yen Luong (17) talks with her grandpa, James Innes (60) about his experience and what he suffered when he was just a boy until now.

Perspective of a Vietnamese Immigrant and the Mother of Jennifer To

Michelle Nguyen, my mother, tells me her life as a Vietnamese immigrant, who immigrated to the United States in the 1980s. She tells to me of her experiences with people at that time, and how she feels about me, her...